Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, I saw this on Gloriajn's Journal and I just had to do it.

4 things you would eat on the last day of your life
Sushi(California Roll without the pickled ginger or the crab and a huge dollop of wasabi on the side)
Krispy Kreme® Doughnuts (oh yes!)
guacamole and chips
cheese enchiladas, sweet corn tamales and pepita salad from El Torito
if we add drinks I'd like a coke float and orchata the Mexican rice drink
did I mention chocolate, creme caramel, white wedding cake, almond rocca, sees candy, and cherry flavored swedish fish, oh and maybe a salad or ten from Soup Plantation and corn bread with honey butter from Marie Callendars -- can you tell I'm a foodaholic?

4 CDs from your collection that you will never get tired of
Cat Stevens: Anything by Cat Stevens
Talking Heads : Remain In Light
Elton John: Writing, I think it's Writing, I just remember this time in my life when I was listening to this and I always love to hear it
Bob Marley: Anything by Bob Marley

4 movies that made you think
The Sixth Sense
The Shawshank Redemption
Missippi Burning
Reincarnation of Peter Proud
Billy jack and The trial of Billy Jack
The Green Mile and Siddhartha
Oh man there are so many, how can you limit this to four? There's no way...

4 vacations you have taken
Burning Man

4 songs you get stuck in your head frequently
I can't answer this tonight... to tired I guess, everything gets stuck in my head, all you have to do is hum something and I'm stuck with an ear worm for hours

4 things you'd like to learn
piano and guitar
to speak Farsi
Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver
to eat better and exercise more regularly

4 beverages you drink frequently
Hot Tea with milk and sugar
Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea
Japanese Milk tea with bobas

4 TV shows you liked when you were a kid
Space 1999
Anything with John Saxon who I had a huge crush on
Police Woman with Angie Dickinson
Masterpiece Theatre esp. Elizabeth with Glenda Jackson, The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth, and Upstairs Downstairs and Brideshead Revisited
Monty Python
The Prisoner
Okay so that's five, I'm not so good at choosing, I'm not too great about paring things down, that's why I'm such a clutterer
4 things you wanted to be when you grew up
Police Woman
UN Tourguide

4 places to go in your city
The Movies
Malibu or any beach
My House

4 things that never fail to cheer you up
My Son, Boyfriend, cats,
Shopping and going to the movies
eating, watching TV, taking a bath, and rubbing teddy bear fur
the ocean, any living creatures

That was fun, thanks Gloriajn : )

Big hugs,

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