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I can't sleep so I thought I'd grab my computer, turn on CNN, take a look at the storm and look for LJ friends who might be in need of some support right about now. But how do I figure out which LJ pals are affected by the hurricane, which ones either live in the path of this, or are worried about family and friends who may be in danger?

You've gotta give it to these newspeople who are standing out there in the storm covering this for us, wow.

I've been busy helping Scott move into his new home. Esther and her sister Concha and I went over there today and helped unpack and sort the kitchen and all of the book boxes in the living room. Scott has some super sweet neighbors. I was worrying they might be scary because of the burkha/chador that Scott said he had seen someone wearing over there. It turns out that they are an Armenian family -- the grandparents who don't speak any English and who stay home taking care of the garden and the two little boy grandkids, and the parents who work. The grandparents are so incredibly sweet. They keep forcing us to drink Amernian Coffee with them and give us Pepsis and fruit. I gave them some mangos and cookies for the kids yesterday and today I brought a carrot cake for them but they were out for the day. You should have seen Scott and me trying to have conversations with them when they don't speak more than about four or five words of English and we don't speak any Armenian. Loved the coffee, wow, so good, darling little sweetiepie elder people.

Scott and I have been buying him all of the many things he needs, doing lots of shopping and eating out, both in restaurants and otherwise. Lemme just say that hot tubs are a hell of a lot of fun.

I found a nice comfy green couch and a cream colored fold out bed futon thing for him for so little money -- 75.00 for the couch, and 50.00 for the futon, amazing when you consider we'd been looking at couches in the 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 range.

Mom has been freaking out about money, but I don't want to get into it if I'm going to make this post public. You know what, I'm not going to make this public and I still don't feel like getting into it.

I'm hot and sweaty and the cats are making me hotter and sweatier.

I have to be careful with food because I tend to get peckish at night and want to stuff my boredom and loneliness down with food. After everything I've been through to lose the weight I've lost I so don't want to gain it back again. I went to Curves and will get into going again. I want to ride my bike. I haven't been on a horse in over five years and riding is one of the things I promised myself I would do again once I lost some weight. I love horses.

Esther and Concha and I went to this place called The Farm on our way home from Scott's house tonight. It was closed but we were able to pet he horses, ponies, goats, and pigs through the fences. We were naughty and gave them little wafer cookies, esp. the very pregnant goats.

Check out <a href="http://www.margaretcho.com/blog/blog.htm>Margaret Cho's blog,</a> (esp. you anawee, read the post she wrote about Cat Stevens,) she's so cool. Okay, love you guys, hang in there everybody, it's been kind of a weird, rough time lately.

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