Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Cool Art Yarn, Itchy, Anxious Late Night Feelings and Rat Love

Oh man, how beautiful is this hand spun curly art yarn? I don't know whether to knit it, eat it, or weave it in my hair, it's so chewy delicious. I want more, waaaaa....

I bought this one too, how cute is this? I love her yarn so much.

I also went to L'Atellier and bought a few pretty sparkly skeins of yarn and a sweet basket for Atra for her annual show. She was so happy and of course that made me happy. I need to design a flyer for her and am looking for inspiration and ideas. Back home in Iran, at her annual show, she sold NINE HUNDRED hand knit sweaters a year. Of couse she had lots of women knitting for her, but wow. I just wish I knew how to help her get customers and work here, she's so gifted at this.

Debate shebate, I don't even want to talk about it, yech.

Oh now I remember why I keep smelling something perfumey, I put this oil in my fake blonde hair to condition it, something that Oprah recommended, no wonder I keep smelling something, sheesh.

I took out the little creatures and played with them in the shower. They are so cute, they crawled all over me and kind of jumped/flew from the floor to my head and up to the various shelves. Our shower is really big and has a seat and a screened window and a sun roof in it so there's plenty of room for playing. I usually take animal friends in there when they need to be in a kind of self contained space. My chinchilla used to take her dust baths there, and when we caught a rare wild mouse once he/she lived in there for a while, and the ferrets, sob, sob, the ferrets used to cuddle and play with us in the shower. Oh yeah, and the possums too. I miss them, flipping neighbors.

I am so cravey tonight, craving food, sex, company, love, touch, more love, anything to fill the damned lonely spiritual hole. This is the same hole that Burning Man fills up so well. Scott's hottub worked pretty well there for a couple of nights but we were both too tired to get together tonight. God, I hope the increased travel distance isn't going to be a problem for us.

I feel like I should do something positive to take my mind of my itchy anxious hungry mood. It's too late and spooky to go out for a bike ride or a walk by myself and I just can't see myself sitting and meditating right now in order to deal with this. I ate protein and drank water for the food cravings. Oh well, HALT, hungry, angry, lonely, tired, I wonder which one it is, maybe lonely and tired, but it feels like hungry and yet it could be angry ; )

I gave all of the rats peaches for a late night snack, they really enjoyed them, and my only girl rat, Peaches, came out and played with me for a while but then she climbed inside my printer and wrecked it, argh, animals, they are so naughty without meaning to be. Rats are the coolest animal friends in the world, I swear, you are so missing out if you are too afraid to have one.

Okay das it, I'm going to force myself to sleep. Maybe I could wank away my anxiety...

Love you,

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