Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh man I wanted this yarn so badly. Cruel Plucky Fluff, putting up this amazing yarn and then selling it to someone else. Who are you, you yarn thief, I am so jealous ; ) What can I do with these small batches of gorgeous hand spun yarn? I want to wear them in my hair or make hats or something but I need more of the same color weave when I get it. Oh the colors, it makes me want to learn how to spin. Anyone want to teach me? Ana, Neau, anyone?

I wrote a great big rambling post from Scott's house yesterday while I was watching a bad seventies vampire movie, but then when I went to throw something away in his trash I found a condom and freaked! We don't use condoms. It surprised me how much it upset me, I mean I know Scott so well, we have had the most unusual yet faithful long term relationship anyone could imagine, and we're both super open minded and open with each other so I'm hoping if he wants to screw someone else he would talk to me about it first before diving in, so to speak, that's what I would do for him. But someone seeing it there set my heart to panic mode and I spent four hours waiting for him to come home to reassure me when I really should have left to do other things. I made good use of the time though, I built his seriously complicated, hard-to-build, TV cabinet that he had been putting off building, for him. And then when he came home he explained, (too personal for Scott so I'll leave out the details, this is prolly already way too personal for him, but you know me, I'm a blurter), and I felt so much better about it.

One of my best friends ended a very serious long term relationship this way. She had been with this guy forever and had thought they were completely exclusive and monogamous. She was in love with him and they were on track for marriage, I think. Then one day she found a used condom in his toilet -- stupid asshole hadn't flushed it. Turned out he had been having an affair with an Asian woman behind her back. My friend and her guy broke up immediately and he married the other woman. What heartbreak for my poor friend. She's a major Beatles freak so even though this happened years and years ago, she has long since married and had a child, she still refers to this woman as her own personal Yoko Ono. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Yoko Ono, I'm just relaying my friend's story as it relates to the sudden discovery of a condom.

Okay, well, I have to get going, I'll clean up and post yesterday's entry sometime tonight. I have pictures to share as well. Right now Ana and I are off to find a Costco so we can begin to buy the pounds and pounds of Halloween candy we will need for our annual yard haunt insanity. Money is tighter than ever right now so I'm trying to find ways to conserve. Relations with Mom are super stressed and tense leaving me with a constant stomach ache and in fear for my security. I haven't been going into this too much for fear of being judged and attacked again, mmmm, no thanks.

I haven't had a chance to get back to everyone from your last batch of kind comments, I'll do my best to catch up tonight, I've been kind of splitting my time between two houses and it's been a bit stressful and keeps me occupied more than usual.

Love you guys,

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