Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Today I walked into my son's bedroom and had a funny feeling that something wasn't quite right when he quickly shut his monitor off and his friend came running towards me waving his hands in my face. I made him turn the monitor back on and sure enough, they were watching porn, hardcore ass fucking video porn. Lovely. In my day it was enough to start my mother smoking again when the shampoo girl told her that she had caught me reading a Playboy in the back of her hair salon. Needless to say I had a long talk with the kids about the unrealisitc artificial innocence numbing downside of porn and there being better things to do with their time in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. I'm guessing they don't agree.

I went to see I Heart Huckabees tonight with Scott in Santa Monica. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant before hand. I ate three bites too many of pasta and my semi-newly modified cow like body couldn't handle it so I ran for the bathroom and threw up. I kept thinking, "Oh god I hope no one hears me and thinks I'm bulimic," and "Am I bulimic?"

I enjoyed Huckabees. It was weird and indie like but with big name actors. I loved the script and the acting was of course wonderful. I didn't heart Isabelle Hupert even though I have a giant French poster of her that has been hanging in my stairwell for five years. I just hated the role. Dustin Hoffman and Lilly Tomlin, oh well, what can I say that the mere mention of their names alone doesn't?

A site that keeps track of bad or ambiguous Chinese Hanzi, there are some interesting tattoos.

Here's a good link to ten common mistakes that writers make or as Holt puts it, Ten Common Mistakes That Dismiss You As an Amateu,r -- good to know.

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