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"Artists, poets--whatever you want to call those people whose job is "making"--take in the commonplace and are forever recognizing it as worthwhile.

I think I am always collecting in a way--walking down a street with my eyes open, looking through a magazine, viewing a movie, visiting a museum or grocery store. Some of the things I collect are tangible and mount into piles of many layers, and when the time comes to use these saved images, I dig like an archeologist and sometimes find what I want and sometimes don't." -Corita Kent

Oh God you guys, my teeth are hurting so bad. Not as bad as last night but bad enough for me to have slept until noon and then needed to take three Motrin and two Tylenol and not be able to chew anything so I'm having a protein shake, but the cold, ooh Lordy, the pain. I'm going to listen to my messages now to see if my dentist has any suggestions.

I've been meaning to watch Lost ever since I saw some fluffy sales piece in an entertainment rag a few weeks ago, but something bothered me, where were the roles for actors of my type? I thought, if a plane crashes wouldn't there be at least a couple of average aged, average sized people on there? As an actor who hasn't worked in ages I torture myself with these kinds of thoughts and this isn't likely to change, it's just automatic for me, any movie I see, any play I read, anything involving actors provokes the same questions, where are the parts for Scott, and where are the parts for me, and how do they get away with having so few roles for real people? Yesterday I was talking about this with someone somewhere, (naturally I can't remember) and they said, "What about Kathy Bates, I love Kathy Bates." Yeah, what about Kathy Bates? She's wonderful, I love her too, but why is there room for only one of her?

Now that I've lost some of the weight I want to lose I'm kind of wondering where I fit in, acting wise, but maybe I shouldn't worry about it and just get back in there. I'm such an art anorexic. Anyway this is the description of the characters on this show, Lost, can you see how offensive the description of the one "fat" person is, to say nothing of the stereotyped Korean roles here? Yeah, plenty of room for us "kooky fat people," we get to "provide comic relief." The only problem for me now is that I've kind of slid under the kooky fat person guidewire when I lost some weight and now I'm too thin to play comic foils and too fat for dramatic leads, well, at least according to dumb network executives, I've just gotta source some smart ones. There must be some...

JACK (Matthew Fox) A courageous doctor and the island's de facto leader
KATE (Evangeline Lilly) A gorgeous ingenue who's in trouble with the law
CHARLIE (Dominic Monaghan) A has-been rock star and current drug addict
MICHAEL (Harold Perrineau) A father trying to connect with his young son, who's also on the island
SHANNON (Maggie Grace) A bratty blonde whose rusty French comes in handy
BOONE (Ian Somerhalder) Shannon's even-tempered brother
SAWYER (Josh Holloway) The island's resident bigoted hothead
SAYID (Naveen Andrews) A tech-savvy former Iraqi soldier
CLAIRE (Emilie de Ravin) A very pregnant passenger traveling alone
LOCKE (Terry O'Quinn) A creepy loner with a penchant for backgammon
JIN (Daniel Dae Kim) The bullying half of a non-English-speaking Korean couple
SUN (Yunjin Kim) Jin's (seemingly) cowed significant other
HURLEY (Jorge Garcia) A squeamish, kooky fat guy who provides comic relief

Like a lot of other people I'm loving recycled silk sari yarn. I'm trying to find affordably priced yarn for myself and for Atra. All of the wholesale yarn manufacturers we've contacted want enormous deposits and minimum purchase orders if they'll even take on any new clients. Prism, which makes the coolest yarn, won't sell to anyone new before January and even then they'll want a five thousand dollar opening deposit on account. One skein of their yarn at retail prices runs anywhere from 35.00 to 55.00. Sigh. Oh well.

Last night before my big mean headache/toothache came on, probably because I was still numb from the novocaine, so I had no way of knowing how much I was hurting, I knit up some wonderful yarn from Neau and I got about halfway through my project before Atra said, "Oh Jacqui joon, this is too tight, it is like a carpet. I am sorry, you must redo this." And you know what? I didn't mind, I kind of enjoyed pulling it all back out and winding it back around the ball because this yarn is so much fun to knit with that I'm looking forward to having it around longer to knit. Atra doesn't like it though, but she doesn't get how cool it is -- that the slubbish thick and thin inperfection of the yarn is what makes it so special.

I have to get on that flyer for her. We're going to pass out cards tomorrow night at her friend's art gallery opening.

I bought the coolest black pumpkin yesterday, it's so velvety special. I'll take a picture and post it, I finally bought another card reader so I can transfer my files. Our twelve bales of hay will arrive sometime tomorrow and we'll begin decorating in earnest, right now we've got a hastily but unattracitvely assembled yard with a lot of nude mannequins standing around wondering where their costumes are and how long they're going to suffer being the butt (literally) of neighborhood jokes.

I think the site design here on lovelydesign is really well, lovely, and her journal layout is soooo cool. I love the music.

Oh darn, it's time to watch The Apprentice ; ) Umm, am I the only one who gets that this is just one great big (although definitely fun) promotional tool for Donald Trump? We're agreed on how tacky/gross his apartment is with all that gold and marble everywhere right? I wonder if anyone ever has the courage to tell him that his apartment/condo/whatever looks like crap, or if he would even listen if someone did.

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