Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

So, uh, the girls and I were getting ready to lay around like slobs and watch TV all day and we decided to take a picture just for the hell of it first. Then I went to work on my friends list here on LJ before looking around on the net for information about my shaking head; could be essential tremors, early onset of Parkinson's diesease, a reaction to any one of the many medications I'm taking, or just plain old stress. I'm hoping it's one of the latter two.

David Duchovny is hosting the Late Late Show, but there's a movie I haven't seen with Dennis Leary in it, hmmm which "hot guy" should I watch? Maybe I'll just shuttle back and forth between the two. Oh wait, David just said, "Apparently we are in the middle of the worst flu vaccine shortage in history but I'll tell you something more important than that, I'm lucky to be married to Tea Leoni," or something like that. Oh what a guy -- melt my heart why don't you? And he's got Gary Shandling as a guest as well as The Pussycat Dolls. I think I'm staying here.

Day of the Dead

And just in case you've forgotten that my friend ana has made me mad for Pluckyfluff's and Neau's yarns, please look at these would you? Of course they're both gone, gone, gone, but can you just imagine the fun of making something for Halloween with Day of the Dead or Earlybird with those chenille wormys? Want, want, want...to exercise, naaahhh just kidding. I need to though.

Early Bird

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