Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Lexi keeps breaking my heart with her fab yarns that I never seem to get to in time : ( Look at this amazing pink yarn with the little black kiss beads. It's even called Jackie O. XO. Who bought this? Tell me who you are so I can send my beady evil eye at you. eh, jest kidding, I don't send out the evil eye, I ward it off!

I'm working on an entry for yesterday's documentary photo shoot DVD TV magazine show thing that we did here. I even took a picture of my little black pumpkin for you, but I am sick as a Jacqui with a terrible cold here, so I need to go lay down and I'll try to get it all up later. If I have any energy I need to finish the spooky black Halloween trash bag curtains on the porch, make cheesecloth starch ghosts, go to Target to pick up this pumpkin that Esther would love to have, and a couple of these great skulls we saw, and that's after we scurry around covering everything up with plastic bags and tarps because it's supposed to rain again darn it.

I love Halloween so much so why do I wait until so late in the season to get it all done. When it's over I feel kind of guilty and weird for leaving the decorations up for a bit, everyone always asks me when I plan to take it all down. Kind of like the Christmas tree we left up one year until my birthday in March, heh.


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