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Halloween and Kitty Pictures

I finally edited and uploaded some of the pictures we took the other day when Josh and Michelle from First Dibs Entertainment came by to shoot their Tv Magazine DVD Halloween special thang. I also took some pictures of the cats. I'll put a few here and then I'll put the rest behind the cut for those of you with lazy fingers or pokey browsers ; )

Here's the black pumpkin as promised. I keep trying to get the name of it but none of the young girls who work at the flower store I love so much can remember what it's called. I do know that it comes from Japan and the flesh is orange inside.

Here is a shot of Josh and Michelle -- they're a couple, and they were super nice. They'll be back on Halloween.

Yep, it's me with my spider headband.

Here are the kids, my son Beau is the big guy in the red shirt in the middle. His friend Steven is wearing his bunny suit. Beau is sad because it doesn't fit any more. The smallest little girl is Esther's daughter Andrea. I've known her since she was conceived since Esther was living with us at the time. To her left is Sara who I have also known since she was conceived. She lives across the street from us and I got to hold her the day she came home from the hospital. Miriam is on the other side of Andrea, they're cousins. I love Miriam, she's a little shy, but she is such a sweetheart.

I was taking a picture of Tommy when he reached up with his cute little paws and grabbed the lens. Awww...

Okay, so the rest of the pictures are here behind the cut.

Here are the kids helping Michelle.

This is the ghost that up until last night I was calling a witch, (Scott had to straighten me out on this, I guess withces don't look like skeletons in white, who knew, heh,) Beau rigged it up with strings so it can fly out of his window and scare people walking up to the front door and then he can pull it back up again.

Not my favorite shot of yours truly but I wanted you to see more of the yard. It's been raining so hard and for so long that we've had to cover everything with big plastic garbage bags and the hay has developed a lovely black mouldy covering. We have so much more stuff to set up but it seems dumb to risk damaging anything else as long as it keeps raining. I'm hoping this will be the end of it. It'll be so great if it doesn't rain Halloween night like it did last year, that really sucked.

I love these giant ants, so far they're my favorite new thing this year. I also like this giant bat and a black widow head that Scott bought for me last night. Of course Beau didn't like the giant ants, he said they look too much like a science fiction movie and not like Halloween, argh.

This is Jason. Everyone around here knows Jason but a lot of people are afraid of him. Jason is special but I'm not sure exactly how. I just know that he grew up in our neighborhood. I've seen him here for years -- he's always outside walking around, walking dogs. He doesn't speak well, he kind of mumbles and acts as if he is super delayed and child like. He doesn't have good boundaries, poor guy. People are afraid of him because he lurks around, stands to close to them, has been accused of doing some not too terrific things and the police have had to get involved. He's been accused of setting fires and flooding a couple of houses by putting a hose in the windows and turning it on full force. These were the homes of people who treated him disrespectfully or in a way that he perceived as being harsh when they wanted him to go away. What I know is that he responds well to kindness but he doesn't understand boundaries and gets angry when you try to set any with him. We gave him some Halloween candy and he was pretty happy about that. He used to work at a local gym but lost his job because he was accused of sexually harrassing women. I really feel sorry for him : (

These are my helper pals. Esther on the left has been working for us off and on for eleven or twelve years. She's lived with us along with her son, worked all week long, and now just works weekends, or really Friday and Saturday and during the week when she needs extra money. I'm sorry but I just have to digress here and say how happy I am that the Boston red Sox won -- that's so great! Next to Esther is her sister Concha. I like her. She's a little bit tougher than Esther and together they are so funny and keep me laughing. On the right is Anna Banana.

Here is Tommy taking a nap in the sun with Doctor Matt. They looked so cute when I came in the room that I grabbed my camera. Doctor Matt got his name because even though he is a gorgeous curly haired love bug, when he was little he was sort of moody and depressed, so we named him after our people hating vet who was equally morose. Dr. Matt, the cat, isn't morose at all any more.

This is one of my Moes. I love the Moes but they are huge pains in the ass. They mark/spray everything, including me while and sleeping, and fight with all the other cats. They are super macho but I love them and like to pick them up and squish them, which as you can imagine, isn't something a big black macho cat particularly likes, but they put up with me.

This is Curly. I think he is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. My mother thinks he is the ugliest. I love him. I love his fur, it's just so cool. Ack, people have been asking so I decided I'd better update this; Curly was an accidental cross breeding between Cornish Rex, Sphinx and Siamese mixed kitties. We use the very best vet to have our cats neutered and spayed so it's more expensive than going to Animal Birth Control, but at least I can take comfort in knowing they are in the best hands. We always fix the boys first and that way we don't have any accidental pregnancies. Well, this was obviously a bad plan because when we rescued a Sphinx boy he got out and got everyone pregnant and that's how our curly cats were born. We found homes for quite a few of the kittens but the ones who weren't well stayed behind and then we fell too much in love with them to let them go.

And here finally is Sammy with his head turned upside down.

Big early morning hugs,

PS: Will someone wish/pray/meditate the rain away, at least until a day or two after Halloween, please?

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