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Here's a Halloween version of my picture of Sammy for you. Maybe you can use these as cards or something...

Talk about your stupid laws -- in West Hollywood, possibly all of Hollywood, "It is ILLEGAL to possess, use, sell or distribute silly string in public areas from 12:00 a.m. October 31 to noon on November 1." I'm such a naughty little anti-authoritarian gal that this makes me want to buy a couple of cases of it and hand it out to people.

Beau's school is so friggin PC about Halloween that most of the kids just gave up on the whole thing and didn't even bother to wear costumes. They weren't allowed to wear any costumes that violated the dress code in any way, not even for this one day. They weren't allowed to wear anything too scary, nothing that included blood or gore, no vampires, zombies, or scary monsters. They weren't allowed to wear anything that was risque or sexual or depicted prostitution in any way, so no pimps in purple with platform shoes and feathers in their hats. Nothing that referred to war or politics, so no army guys or gals, and no Kerry or Bush masks. In fact they weren't even allowed to wear masks or any costumes that completely covered their bodies.

They weren't allowed to wear any oversized costumes, nothing distracting or attention getting. They weren't allowed to wear costumes that represented any ethnicity, so no geisha gals, native Americans, or any other culture, even if they were depicting these backgrounds in a positive way. The last one I kind of understand because I wouldn't appreciate opening my front door on Halloween night and finding someone who was parodying me, so in my case that would be a fat white woman I suppose, oh hell I don't know, I like the idea of kids being able to try on other people's identities for the day, even if those identities are ridiculously stereotypical. Seriously, what is so very wrong with wearing an afro for a day, is that really so awful? Scott, who wishes her were Black always wears his African flag colored beanie wig thing with the dreads. For him this is a way of honoring a culture and a religion that he holds dear. If I am way off base on this help me understand, I really want to.

The other night on Coast to Coast AM, there was a big debate about people dressing as "ugly" witches with pointy hats because this is considered an insult to practicing Wiccans. I thought this was totally ridiculous at first until I learned that this traditional image was based on a group of women who had been accused of witchcraft and imprisoned in England. They had developed warts and gnarled fingers from their abuse and mistreatment at the hands of their captors.

I guess eliminating costumes that could cause problems, be dangerous, hurt anyone's feelings, or insult an important part of someone's cultural identity is a good thing, it forces people to come up with more creative ideas, which is cool. I went to a pumpkin carving party at my neighbor Karyn's tonight, and her friend Jill had made a pretty cool costume that was very simple. She had written the names of all of her coworkers on name tags and plastered them all over herself and went as an identity crisis -- pretty funny. I just think you can take this thing too far sometimes. I miss the way Halloween used to be.

We were so sad when we were driving home from school today. We passed four schools where kids were getting out and walking along the sidewalks wearing funny costumes, plenty of pimps, vamps, and vampires. Beau pointed at them and said, "See Mom, they got to wear whatever they wanted."

It's a little late now but for anyone wanting to make favors to give to friends here is a link to some cute little crepe paper pumpkins filled with candies and plastic flies -- cute. And here's a link to a video on how to makea Halloween witch hat cake from the Food Network. There's a cool video about making Day of the Dead sugar skulls there as well, fun.

I'm working on a leaf pumpkin that I saw on one of Martha's catalogues or magazines, it's taking forever to make though, so while everyone else at Karyn's zipped through their projects and got to enter a wee contest mine is sitting on our porch waiting for me to get back to it tomorrow. It'll be pretty though, I hope.

Oh man am I tired. I'm going to bed.


PS: Thanks for sending the rain away!

This is Curly Girl, Curly's sister, she has a funny looking mouth but that just makes me want to kiss her frowny little lip all the more. She is such a sweetheart!

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