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Typical Animal Rights Activist Drama Re. Nathalia Edenmont -- Oh Blow Me!

Argh, this is one of the comments I got in response to my posting about the animal killing "art" that I first heard about on ana's journal. Apparently whenever someone writes about Nathalia Edenmont -- the evil fucking bitch -- people freak out about it because they are sick of hearing about it, whatever. This is just the kind of divisive animal rights community infighting that drove me away in the first place. You should see the kind of time wasting crap that is flying around in some of these communities.

because you seem genuenly concerned of the welfare of the animals i will not bitch you out like the last 20 people but if you check the community for recent entries for last few days its been posted over and over again them same stupid thing about natalia edenmont. There is a petition and if you view any one of the multiple entries about her you are very likely to find a link to it. I would like to point out to you as i did to others that I think it is stupid people are suddenly getting so horribly outraged about this. Its in my opinion no different then using animals to test, feed oneself, or wear fur. The fact that people are getting so upset about a few animals and making sucha huge fuss when theres a bigger problem is frustrating ot me. Instead of focusing all of this energy on stopping animal testing or getting people to stop wearing fur everyone is getting violently upset about a few animals that are already dead. As an artist i can safely assume shes not going to keep doing this she has done her art or whatever and is done with whatever point she ment to make. Its not an issue anymore so if you REALLY want to help i feel like you should focus some of this energy on the bigger picture.
thanks- nat

And here is my response;

Hey Nat, Sorry I missed the other posts about this here. I just saw this and without thinking kind of ran over here with my fingers and posted about it. I am a super busy gal. I take care of a lot of animal people here, as well as my son and several other humans. I spend ninety percent of my income on the care of these animal pals of mine.

I do however get the big or bigger picture, believe me when I tell you I do. I am forty-two years old and have been fighting this fight for a loooong time now. I produced an award winning animal rights cable television show that was aired all over the country. I was one of the very first television producers to air slaughter, fur, zoo, tuna-dolphin-slaughter and esp. vivisection footage on television. My involvement though goes much deeper than this, deeper than I can safely discuss in an open forum. Suffice it to say that I was here before Peta and that many of the photographs they have and use were obtained in ways that I was intimately involved with.

So, that said, thanks for not "bitching me out", but I believe that every life counts, EVERY ANIMAL LIFE COUNTS, and rather than being upset that everyone is getting riled about this, maybe we can look at it as a sad opportunity to help people focus on what you refer to as the bigger picture as well. I think the reason this is such a hot button for so many of us is because it is so visual and it is about art. I agree with you that we should be, (I am), just as upset, if not more, that there are countless numbers of animals slaughtered, mutilated, and tortured every fucking day, but this doesn't make this one act of horror any less horrific. My heart bleeds for these animals, these mice who were made into finger puppets, and I've seen worse, I've seen things in person and I've seen things on tape. I've spent hundreds of hours in editing bays working on stockyard footage -- the horror of this is more than I think anyone should have to bear, (imagine pigs screaming in fear and pain), and part of the reason why I got so overwhelmed and depressed that I had to back off for a while because I was so burned out I was alienating everyone and not helping the animals. I became too enraged and emotional and I learned through trial and error that the only way to get heard was to be detached and logical, something I am not good at doing. My point is that one horror does not make another one lesser, instead of getting angry with people who are drawn in via these photographs we should be taking advantage of the opportunity here to grab people up and educate them, welcome them in, instead of pushing them away with some elitist stance.

I do not eat flesh of any kind, I do not kill bugs, spiders, or the rats who are destroying my possessions in my garage or attic, I wouldn't think of it, I can't even trap and relocate them for fear of separating mothers from babies, in fact I hand nursed a batch of abandoned wild rattie babies, oh God, when I tell you that I do do my part and have done more than my part, risking my freedom to share information and imagery that is just common knowledge now when once it was super secret and hidden, I hope you'll understand that just because I posted this story that you disdain for no apparent reason, I do get the big picture, I've been fighting this fight since I was a kid. I was only seventeen when I wandered into a lab at UCLA in 1979 and saw a cat with it's skull removed and electrodes attached to the part of her brain that was exposed, SEVENTEEN, and a very sheltered catholic schoolgirl seventeen at that, and there was no ALF back then believe me. So when you say something like, "if you REALLY want to help," to someone like me, I know you mean well, but it just makes me want to scream. Sorry, I just don't take this kind of stuff lightly, I'm sure you're a fellow comrade in this horrible war, I don't want to alienate you, any more than you want to alienate me. Please remember this before you go around "bitching out" people you don't even know, people who may have just stopped in trying to do something good, people whose histories you know nothing about.

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