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Our Halloween Story and Pictures Part One

Written on Halloween and the day after, but finally posted now cause I wanted to be able to include our photos with the story and it took some time to edit and upload them : ) These are going to be super image intensive so I'm going to break them up and put some of the entries behind the cut.

Little Red Riding Hood without granny or the wolf.

Hi Everybody,

Happy Halloween!!! I'm finally done with our Halloween revels. The last trick or treaters have long since departed, as have all of our many guests, strangers and friends. Scott has gone home and Beau has finally gone to bed, I hope. I've turned off all of the flashing, strobe, flickering, bubbling, dangling orange, purple, and black lights, and the fog machines, fans, CD players, the spooky floating head DVD thing, that we set up on my big TV, and set in a second story window, the jangling skulls, spiders, electric plasma heads, flying bats, and the lights on the little Halloween tree. I blew out all of the candles and picked up all of the tons of dropped candy and glow sticks so the dogs won't eat them and get sick. We put away the last of the pizza, tossed out the salad, and the fizzy orange sherbet and Sprite punch, stored the cakes and the pumpkin torte, and just left all of the drinks in their melting icy buckets.

This is our newest gourd kitty. Isn't he cool?

This is our Mexican folk pumpkin. I bought this from my pals Mud and Marge a few years ago.

I'm so happy to be here in bed listening to Art Bell and enjoying the company of my playful cats. Tommy and Zazu and some of the younger black kitties are running, charging, jumping and rolling over each other. Of course it would be more fun if they didn't tear up my skin when they all charge across my legs. They were completely crashed out before so I don't know where this sudden burst of late night feline energy came from. You'd think they'd managed to get into some of the left over Halloween candy but I know they didn't.

This is a folksy wooden game board that we put out on the coffee table for adults and kids to play with. It's a bigger version of that little game where you have to roll the pieces into the slots only in this case you have to get the eyeballs and the candy corn teeth to fit into the eyes and teeth. It's pretty hard to do.

I'm so exhausted I don't know how I made it through all of the stuff I had to do over the last few days and am still awake talking to you. I've still got the cold or a flu or a cold/fu that I have been battling for a couple of weeks now, sigh, my nose won't stop running. I have an awful headache, my muscles are so sore, and I can't wait to give myself the day off tomorrow to just lay around in bed and get the rest that I have been needing so badly. You know how when you get sick and your body tells you that you need to just bundle up and rest? Well, my body has been screaming this at me for days but there was just no way I could heed it's requests, nope, too many people counting on me -- way too much to do.

Here is Beau in his bunny suit greeting kids at the gate.

I had to make a last minute market run today to get some ice to fill our big anodized aluminum buckets that we fill with drinks, some laundry detergent -- Cheer Free for Beau who's skin is super sensitive -- salad fixins, some extra pumpkins because we had more young helpers than we had counted on and I needed to be sure we had enough for everyone to carve at least one, plastic forks, knives and spoons, Vodka for who else but my Mom, (who incidentally wasn't able to come, Vodka anyone?) and a lemon for her must-have twist, and some cupcakes.

Beau after carving the pumpkins and watermelons I brought home from the market.

The guy in line in front of me at Pavilions hit some sort of lucky customer number and got his order practically for free. I felt like the poor shmo who is standing in line just behind the person who is the millionth customer when the bells ring and the confetti and balloons fall from the ceiling. His total came to something like eighty-seven dollars and all he had to pay for everything was ten bucks, lucky guy. I did get an incredible deal on these gigantic pumpkins though -- you know those enormous ones that cost anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars? They're so big and heavy that it takes two people to lift them.

The giant pumpkin -- I should have put something next to it so you could get a better idea of it's size.

I usually buy one every year but I've been trying to save a bit of money so this is just one of the many things I had to cut out this year. Well, as the clerk was ringing up the few smallish pumpkins the store had left that I had managed to find, he asked me if I didn't want to buy one of these big ones and I said, "Oh yeah, I'd love one of those but I really can't afford it. Thanks anyway though." Then he told me that they were just trying to get rid of them and that I could have them for two dollars each! I couldn't believe it -- an enormous pumpkin for two bucks, yes, I wanted them! So I wound up buying three and they gave the last one to me for free. They are so heavy it takes two people to lift them.

This is my favorite pumpkin of all. Beau's friend Shayan carved it. Isn't this cool for a thirteen year old?

Oh darn, I'm so tired, I'll have to finish this tomorrow, boo, and I so wanted to share everything with you all tonight, I was so determined. Sorry, I am fading so fast here. I can tell it's bad when my eyes start to cross and I make so many mistakes I have to go back every third word and retype everything, ack. Night everyone, I hope you all had really fun and Happy Halloweens.


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