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Our Halloween Story and Pictures Part Two

Okay this one is enormous, with dozens of pictures, so I'm definitely going to put a big chunk of it behind the cut, but please come see the pictures of our house and the trick or treaters.


Hey Gang, Still super tired and worn out. I promised my wee, inner-kidling self that I would take today off to just lay around in bed and catch up on all of the missed sleep and resting that my flu-fighting-body so badly needs, so here I am but I can't seem to get myself to just lay down and let go. I'm trying but I want to be busy...

My oldest friend Karen -- we've been friends since Marymount Junior School -- and her son Rico.

Our very first trick or treater turned out to be my oldest pal Karen's son Rico. He was dressed as a little Darth Vader so I didn't know who he was until he took off his mask, then I got so excited I yelped and I think that scared him. Karen was dressed as a sexy belly dancing gal. She just had a lot of super-serious, reconstructive surgery, following her stomach stapling, weight loss and she looked fabulous. It was great to see them.

Woohoo! Candy!!

It all worked out so well, despite our not feeling well and my disappointment at not having been able to make everything just so, perfect as usual. People came for brief visits and left before you would feel rude if you moved on and had to visit with someone else, or help some little child with something. Just manning the door when there are so many trick or treaters is hard work. We had lines going down the front walkway, out the gate and down the block and people were pushing and telling the kids to, "Move it along." Even though I had bought a mountain of candy and glow sticks I never know if it'll run out and some of the kids will just tip the buckets into their bags if you aren't looking so you really have to be there to monitor the whole thing, plus it's just so much fun to greet everyone and see the costumes they wear. I love persuading the little ones that it's safe to come up to the front door.

Here's what the poor wee little ones see when they approach our walkway. It's not anywhere near as scary as it used to be.

Our littlest trick or treater.

Nope, I lied, this was our littlest trick or treater -- this is Joshua, Esther's little nephew. He was just squish wonderful, babies, yum.

There seems to be a pattern to the way the trick or treating happens. First the littlest kids and their parents come -- when it's still light out. These will be the kids in strollers and push carts or strapped to their parents in pouches. They don't have a clue and don't even know how to hold the candy so I never really understand why their parents dress them up and bring them out, poor little babies.

This was our first official trick or treater and I am telling you this kid didn't have a clue what was going on. His Mom was so cute and I loved that they got into the whole spirit of the day but this poor little guy had this sleepy fixed expression on his face that never changed.

This little girl was so adorable. I had to go to the street to get her to persuade her to walk up to the front door, she was that scared. Isn't she the cutest? I kept knocking on things and telling her everything was fake and not to worry. Oh what a dolly she was.Read more...Collapse )

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