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Things are good. I've been busy editing pictures to share with you, cleaning up our Halloween madness, helping my friend get ready for her knitting show, and trying to get well. I finally had to break down and take antibiotics because nothing would kill this bug -- whatever it is, and this plus Sudafed, saline nasal spray, another pill I take and tons of vitamins and water seem to be helping, a bit. Then last night I had the good fortune of hearing on the news that the first case of flu has been found in LA. The first case? I thought this was it, that I'd been having it, despite my luck in having received a flu shot the very day they announced the vaccine shortage, argh.

I've been trying to make myself rest as much as possible because with my immune system being as challenged as it is, whenever I catch anything that anyone else would beat in a few days, I wind up fighting it for weeks if not months. maybe it's because my body is so busy dealing with chronic pain and fighting so many other battles that it just doesn't have the resources to kick these little bugs asses. I wish, but in me they tend to settle in my chest, lungs and sinuses so that I get bacterial infections and things turn scary.

I've been stuck in bed a lot over the last few days so I've been catching up on all of the TV watching I've been missing. Last night I discovered a brand new feature that Adelphia Cable have added to their digital offerings -- Movies on Demand, oh dear. Last night I ordered that fight movie with Meg Ryan, Behind the Ropes? I can see why it wasn't a huge hit, but you've got to hand it to her for trying. I think she did a great job at being more hard edged and beaten down, she had the voice down. Seems like we only like our Meg Ryan's perky. Doesn't anyone remember her in The Presidio? She was so hot and earthy in that.

The second and best movie I watched was 21 Grams. I missed it last year during my annual see-everything-nominated blitz. The acting was so fabulous and Sean Penn was so hot, oh man, that I didn't mind how unsettling the time line was. Sean Penn, romantic, dying, naked, what more can a lonely, sick gal ask for in bed late at night, well, other than her partner who was on the other side of the hill probably whooping it up in his hot tub with some chick he picked up at the local dive bar? Scotty are you laughing?

After days of non stop pre and post election coverage it's been fun to watch stupid, mind numbing TV again. This afternoon I've been watching Laguna Beach on MTV. "Don't get a French pedi on your toes cause it'll look like your nails. Oh, okay, I'll take the hot pink. I'm so stoked about our trip to Cabo! You're going to Cabo? Are you serious? That's rad! Wait, where are you going? I'm going to work. I don't know if this whole job thing is going to work for me though? Oh yeah bummer. After we get our nails done, let's go shopping. Okay. Oh that's like really, really, really, really cute. Umm, I can't stand fake people who are like, oh you know all, "Oh hi," I'm so, Oh My god, oh yeah. Dude." Oh Lord help us if this is what our kids are really like. Are they? Are we? Am I? Were we like this? Have I just forgotten? Or are these kids just that little bit more pampered, spoiled and shallow because of their wealthy beachy life style? I hope so.

I really don't want Beau turning out like these kids, but I guess I won't have much say in that. He's already doing a bit better. He's getting up on his own and going to school without anywhere near as much complaint as before. As best as I can tell he's doing his homework, (the school doesn't make it easy for us to keep track, they rarely bother to update their homework hotline and since it's always a week or so behind, how can we help our kids stay on top of things)? He's excited about the things he's learning, often teaching me things, which is fun. He's even taking showers and using some of the acne medicines I've bought for him. He's been talking on the phone to a girl and taking an interest in his diet and weight, and not complaining about PE as much, wow.

Oh Lord this poor little Laguna Beach gal, she just flew to New York and auditioned for Rent and she was seriously awful. How could she not know how bad she was? She was flat and shrill. She doesn't have any range. How do things like this happen? The casting director was kind to her though, even though she really sucked. I can't bear to watch things like this. It makes me worry that I've been in that position -- that I've been that bad, maybe when I auditioned for the LA Opera, or other things -- oh man who knows. What a torturous path to follow. No wonder so many successful actors discourage their kids from following in their footsteps.

Tommy is turning out to be the best kitty in the world. He follows me everywhere purring and chattering away, unlike little, or well, big Millie who has grown up to be lovely, soft, fluffy and beautiful but sadly, aloof to pretty much everyone but me, and even with me she is often cool and removed. I keep thinking it's my fault because I should never have adopted her when I have so many other cats. I just couldn't leave her behind when I saw her, she was so cute and tiny. I want to find her a terrific home where she can have all of the attention for herself but I have to twist my heart to make myself do this. I'm forever putting off placing the cats again as aggressively as I used to. I get the occasional opportunity and then I get scared and wonder if the people will be good enough cat friends/parents to one of our little family members. It's such a wrench.

I wonder if other cat people have noticed that male cats are sometimes friendlier and more outgoing than the female felines, or if this is just something I've made up in my mind in some kind of sexist cat thinking. Of course this seems like a pretty silly thing to be writing while Spooky, who is female, is banging on the glass divider and mewing to be let in. It's just that all of my favorite cats have been guys. The girls are sweet and will tolerate me as opposed to the boys who muscle their way into my heart -- they leap up onto me every chance they get and insist on being massaged and cuddled.

I made a deal with myself last month that I would at the very least wish everyone on my friend's list a Happy Birthday so each month I'm going to make a little image and every day I'll visit a journal or three and wish you guys Happy Birthdays. But as usual, I've fallen behind and have to catch up. I also need to make a new cake card for this month's birthdays.

Oh and can you believe it, because of Oprah, (I love Oprah, I want to marry Oprah, but she's got Steadman, Gail, and the rest of the planet to choose from, darn it, and we can't marry people who are the same sex as we are because a bunch of fundamentalist shit monkeys have got their religion mixed up with our basic civil rights,) and her fabulous magazine I went to Amazon and bought Proust. I've never read anything by Proust because I was never made to in college and I've always been too intimidated, now I feel excited and inspired.

Scott just called and said, "The trunk's all packed for Montreal are you ready?" I laughed so hard. Shit, what more can we do? I voted. I campaigned in my small way. I dragged friends in to vote. I discussed my sample ballot with Beau and then took him with me, like I've been doing since he was three months old, so he'd see this as his right and duty. I even gave him a little sample ballot and let him use the new ink punch stylus thing. At school they took the kids to the local Democratic headquarters where they talked with staffers and stood on the street with signs. Hey, I told you he was going to the most liberal school I could find.

I just don't get how so many of us wanted to see things change and...Scott just said, "You're not listening to me are you? I can hear you typing. I can say anything I want and you wouldn't notice. Aliens are sucking my dick." That got my attention.

Yeay, I can't believe it, I edited and uploaded all of my pictures. I made two new birthday cards for my November friends and I went around and posted all of the belated birthday cards I owed for last month, and all of this while being sick, woohoo! Now I'm going to take a Melatonin and hope my world can hold itself together without me for a few hours while I try to get some sleep.

Oh man, Jake keeps farting, not nice. I wonder why, it's not like he ate anything different, or did he?

George Noury has a guest on who is talking about longevity and health and one of the callers has just asked when he thinks we'll be able to grow new eyes. Thank God the stem cell proposition passed, one of the only good things that came out of this election. It isn't fun being an American right now, nope, not too much fun at all. But then again I could be an Iraqi or a Palestinian and that would suck even worse.

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