Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh man look at this gorgeous yarn I bought from Drucilla via the super talented Plucky Fluff. It's so hard to get their yarn, I don't even want to post links any more because the second she puts up a skein, it's gone. There was another yarn that coordinated with this one that I so should have bought but didn't jump on soon enough, it also had tiny little plastic helicopters and clouds of smoke. But they were made by different spinners.

The whole Plucky Fluff experience is such a mystery to me. I mean how did two women both happen to make yarn with little plastic firemen in them unless they planned it that way? And who are these people and why are their lives so super secret and mysterious? With Lexi you just have to be super sleuthy enough to find the little teenie shining blobs and click on one of them to learn about her. I feel so at sea when dealing with her, I don't know why, maybe because she's an artist and that's just the way we folks are, indefineable.

I told Jennifer -- the goddess of LA celebrity and wealthy gal knitting, (Seriously whose yarn do you think Julia Roberts is sitting in Cedars knitting right now while she's stuck in bed, not L'Atelier's as the tabloids wrote,) about her and she loved her work. I took her to Lexi's website and even showed her the yarns in the skimpy fast moving archive that I had managed to save some images from. But Jen can't work with small batches, she needs to know she can get more of something because her clients are so wealthy and demanding. I could get these talented women so much work if they wanted it or could handle it.

Someone as talented as Lexi could have people helping her -- she could design the yarns and have people spin some for her so she could have enough of a batch of these amazing yarns to make bigger projects, then yarn stores could buy her art. I don't know, I think I don't get it somehow, I'm new to all of this, which is why I said that I feel at sea. I'm just happy to be able to buy a wacky skein or two every once in a rare while.

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