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I just caught the very last bit of a super cool documentary about Prince Mohato of the South African kingdom of Lesotho. He was getting married and his bride was so beautiful and shy. I was so sorry it ended because I want to learn more about them. I guess I'll just Google them. It doesn't seem that long ago that if I wanted to learn something about anything I would have to go to the book store and root around or head for the library.

I hung out with Atra, Arta, Maryam, Kourosh, Guilan and Mommy Ghodsi tonight. Atra made a special vegetarian dish with these beans that you can only find in her home city of Rasht, so she wanted me to come over and have dinner with them. Funny how my taste has changed such that I now love their kind of food, I love the crispy bottom of the rice, (Tadig?) the salads and bean dishes, and I've become a serious tea drinker.

Life can be so much fun sometimes, the way it moves along, with people coming and going, forming little temporary family groups and then breaking up again. I love the beginnings and middles but hate the endings. I miss my little Irma family, Irma and the kids who were such a big part of my life.

I took my brand new yarn that I had been showing off all afternoon over there and started knitting a long scarf with it. I bought some sparkling black, red, and orange flamey looking yarns today at Jennifer's to mix with it and make the fringe. She's out on tour with her book. I so want to show this to her. I just love these little plastic firemen, I get so excited when one comes up, I talk to them as if they were real little firemen. Hello little guy, hurry, hurry, jump into my fiery scarf.

I found another small pink octopussy toy for Triple B at the pet store this afternoon. She gummed and sucked and chewed the last one to pieces -- she loved it so much. It makes this weird little sound that I guess someone thinks an octopus would make, kind of like a thwacka thwacka thwacka sucking sound. As soon as I walked in and shook it she recognized the sound, came running up to me, seized the toy by one of it's little pink tentacles and went running off with it. She's been purring and nursing on it's many feet all night.

Oh my God I just reached over to get a cracker and the sound of the plastic bag made mouse jump about two feet up in the air, straight up, all four legs in one bouncy motion. Have you ever seen a cat do this? It's the funniest thing. I always wonder how they manage this.

This is going to sound so disrespectful and I want to preface this by saying that I do believe that every life is valuable no matter how corrupt or evil, but last night Phil Hendrie had me laughing so hard while he was riffing on the current state of Yasser Arafat's health. He said that since he had encouraged so many people to blow themselves up with the promise of those fourteen virgins that now would be a good time for him to prove his devotion to his cause by strapping a ton of C4 to his chest, having his handlers wheel him as close as possible to the border of Israel -- somewhere super deserted and deserty -- where he could get up, step just across the border and kerplow, blow himself to bits and get himself some o' dem virgins. I know I shouldn't laugh because it's so sad and morbid but honestly I just couldn't help myself.

I miss my Daddy so much. He had his faults but Lord knows so do I. If there is anything I can share with any of you who are younger than I am -- anything that I can offer from this vantage point -- it's to do what you can now to gather up time and memories with your family and/or anyone you love before it's too late and you are left forever regretting the wasted opportunities. That and floss your teeth. So to quote an overused but really meaningful expression, seize the day, and floss, yes, that would be my advice for today. Oh, and don't forget to set me adrift in a coconut shell on the North shore of Maui when the time comes.

You know if someone doesn't take these crispy elephant ear cookies away from me soon, you might as well start hollowing out that coconut shell for my journey... Oh all right damnit I'll do it, I'll toss my own cookies, heh.

Anyone else still depressed over the election results? I know I sure am.


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