Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm super busy working on a graphic design project for a pal. I need an image of a tree in winter, or branches against a plain background with a nest. i thought I could cut out a nest and set it in a tree myself. I found some great pics on image bank but they want so much money, big sigh. Anyway heres one from ebay that doesn't cut it for my project but I liked it so I thought I'd share it with you.

I had a couple of interesting miracle/angel exchange days in Pasadena, I'll come back andtell you about them, if I finish this before I fall over from tiredness and sore aching muscles. Bah.

The ferrets have a new ferret condo and I rescued two more rats and moved them along with the biting survivor rattie into a bigger cage. I am sooo tired and ahve so many e-bay debts to deal with. Oh and Coco continues to be the creepy stalker she turned out to be.

I wonder if vote counters get paper cuts.


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