Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Wow, I just went to three journals so far, it's so late and what is that, less than one percent of the total number of friends I have on my list here, and I'm just heart wrenched and sobbing. One of my friends just found out she's pregnant after her guy was brutalized by the police and having lost her job for failing a damned drug test, another friend is in terrible pain and spends 23 out of every 24 hours in bed and is having big time financial worries while still trying to recover from the terrible and devastating hurricanes that pretty nearly destroyed her town, and the third journal I visited was a friend reaching out to her mother, who has left her body, in another one of the many letters she writes to her, pouring out her feelings and appologizing for missing her so much and needing her. Oh god I'm so sad for my friends. I wish I could get to every single one of my pal's journals and tell everyone how much I love them and how much I care about them. I have to go to sleep, if I can, I'm so tired my hands are shaking...

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