Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Dreams, The Pink Woman, Tiptoes, The New Real World, & Reality TV

I had such intense dreams last night, or well, I remember them so well and in such detail that they feel more intense. It might just be the Melatonin I took to help me sleep. I love my dreams, they're like movies -- so full, rich and fun to watch.

I dreamt about this reggae producer stealing two of Scott's songs, pressing them and selling them to people on this island without giving Scott credit. I was so angry for him. There was this beautiful African American woman who had a lot of cool girlfriends and took me to meet them. They were listening to music and they had one of Scott's CDs. I was so outraged that there was someone out there making money off of Scott's art without his knowing it, and while he was at home struggling to get noticed.

I dreamt that I was pregnant and really happy about it. I really wanted to have Scott's baby but I was so worried because of all the various medications and vitamins I take. I wanted to make sure the baby would be okay. I was at this doctor's office but it was night time and he was having a party and I couldn't get anyone's attention. The doctor was screwing around and the nurses were all partying and drinking.

I dreamt that I was going back to high school wearing my old school uniform -- but this is nothing new, I always have these kinds of dreams. The difference was that in this one I knew I was too old to be going back to high school and I was going to the registrar's office to ask the vice principal if there were any classes I could sit in on as an adult -- so that must mean there's been some kind of positive change in my psyche somewhere.

In another very detailed dream I went way back in time, to around the late forties I think, maybe earlier because it felt almost like the depression era. I was a young woman who had just had sex for the first time and was lost in that dreamy afterglow phase.

We were somewhere sunny and warm in the South and I had a wealthy family. I was laying on the hard white painted wooden floor of this outdoor porch that was just off of my bedroom talking about it with my best friend who had also just had sex with her boyfriend. Like giddy school girls we were both surprised and excited to be able to share this with each other.

Like a camera pulling out and panning down in a film I leave the scene with the two girls and see my dream mother who has overheard everything and is standing just under this porch. She goes to tell my father who then tells my friends parents and the boys are caught and banned from seeing us. There is a scene where one of the boys, my friend's boyfriend, wearing a coat and tie is caught by my father coming out of the pool house after just having had sex with her.

Later we are swimming in our pool and my friend under the careful gaze of my parents swims over to a corner and whispers to me that she is going to run off with her guy tonight and that the boys want me to come too. I agree and we end up trying on these long small floral printed dresses that are going to be our wedding dresses.

We sneak off in this very old fashioned car but before we can leave the state and get married my guy has to settle some old score with another boy, a wealthy landowners blonde son. I get out of the car first and beg him to take it easy on my guy, beg him not to kill him, telling him that we are in love and planning on getting married.

Somehow we all end up in some barn on the property, there is a fight and the other boy, the one my guy has come to fight, ends up dead. My guy decides to set the building on fire to hide the evidence and we flee.

I am feeling so sexual lately. Since I don't get regular periods because of my IUD it's kind of hard to gauge where I am in my monthly cycle. But these upsurges in desire let me know that my hormones are rising and falling. Now all I have to do is get enough rest so my energy will stay high until I can get together with Scott at night when he comes home from work.

Yesterday when I was listening to my usual AM radio talk shows I heard about the woman on the Scott Peterson jury's having been removed. What bothered me was all of the talk about the alternate juror who was going to be taking her place, they call her "The Pink Woman" because she dyes her hair various shades of flamey pink and wears wild clothes. That's the kind of thing that would make me like someone, not tear them down. It just really upset me listening to these talk show hosts and news commentators ripping in to her for being different, saying she is probably unstable and desperate for attention. I used to dye my hair different shades of wild pink and red, blue and green at times too, and I like to dress in fun creative ways that get attention, what is so wrong with this? Why does the world judge and ostracize people when they express their creativity in the way they dress? It's so upsetting, especially so when radio hosts I listen to regularly turn out to be so mean spirited and judgmental towards someone I can relate to.

I've been having fun watching all of these Pay Per View movies that my cable company has added to it's digital service. Last night I watched an unusual movie, Tiptoes about a man, (SPOILER ALERT,) played by Matthew McConaughey, (Will any of us gals ever be able to think of him without picturing him naked, stoned, and playing the bongos? I think it's just one of those things that becomes set in your mind like Richard Geer and the gerbil, but in Matthew's case it's true and it isn't ugly), who falls in love with a woman, gets her pregnant and neglects to tell her that he comes from a family of little people and that there is a good likelihood that their child will be a dwarf. At first she has a semi-hard time with it, then she and her family come around, meet and embrace his family. They get married, have the baby -- who does indeed turn out to be a "little" baby -- but then her husband can't handle it, freaks out and splits, leaving his wife to move to a cabin in the woods with his brother who she eventually falls in love with.

I selected the movie because it said that Gary Oldman was in it and I swear I watched the entire movie and didn't even spot him. I was actually pissed at whoever puts the film listings together until I went to get the link for you just now and learned that he played Matthew's good brother Rolfe, the little person who Kate Beckinsale, looking way too thin like all popular and successful actresses damnit), ends up with. Wow, chalk another one up for Gary Oldman. I have got to tell my friend Susan about this. How did I miss this film when it was released?

I haven't been following this season of the Real World but I have it on in the background now and this whole Muja Star thing is pretty funny in a semi-creepy way. Seeing this cute curly haired blonde guy running around in his underwear with this blue cape and an eye mask is really weird. Then there's this super hot guy weeping over his girlfriend -- that's always a turn on. But while I've gotten older the age of the kids in the house has remained the same so we have less in common. I'm still the same voyeuristic gal I always was so I can work up an interest in almost any reality show, but I really wish someone would put together a show for people my age. I can remember when the cast of Thirty-Something were older than I was, and now it blows my mind to think I've blown past them and would need a show called Forty-Something. Maybe that's why the OC is so popular because it has the kids but it also has the parents so there's a little something for everyone. I wouldn't know because I've never watched an entire episode. I just wish The Osbournes would come back. I miss it so much!

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