Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I like this picture. Does that make me some kind of arabic child porn queeny girl thang?

Hiya, I'm watching Tom Green wiht Beau. Beau just said, "Some of the shows are so gross that I can't even eat," and he's ten years old so if they're gross to him imagine how much they freak me out, yup that's right. I like the milk mustache one and oh hell I like them all damnit. Oh man ummm Tom green is at fabio's house I've never seen this one. Oh my Gid this is funny. He has about a zillion motorcycles in his kitchen. What the hell is this guy doing wiht his money? His stereo system cost him a million bucks. Unhunh yup thats what I'd do with a million bucks.

Hey guess what? I did walk on the treadmill yesterday. Thanks for holding me to it. I'm going to give you another commitment, ready? Here it comes...I will go on the treadmill for twenty five minutes tonight before I go to bed. Okay got that, yopu cna come beat me up if I don't do it.

I ahve to help beau wiht his homework now. He's doing a report on dragon moray eels.

I'm kinda upset wiht his teacher because Beau told me she has the kids in his class massage her neck and shoulders every day. I ran this by a therapist pal who specializes in children's issues and he thought it was "inappropriate". I don't want to be some lame pain in the ass parent hassling some poor underpaid teacher. If she was nice in general then I wouldn't even think twice about it but Beau says she's only nice in front of the parents. It's just a little creepy to think we send our children to school to be little massage slaves to a teacher. He says if they dont want to massage her she'll say, "Please, pleeeease, it feels soooo good." Come on! That's so weird and uncool. I totally believe that teachers deserve to be honored and cherished when they are good, kind and decent. But not massaged by the little children they are there to teach and care for.


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