Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm watching Political Tourist, Alexandra Pelosi's documentary about her road trip on the 2004 democratic campaign trail. I wish I'd seen it before the election, now I'm worried this will be like rubbing salt in the wound.

Thank you everyone for your support regarding this stupid drama I had going with my Mom and her housekeeper Rosa. It's been so hard on me because I am so sensitive and well meaning that this became a real lose lose kind of situation for me. if Rosa is innocent then I'm a bad guy who has wrongly accused an innocent person and am at least partly responsible for all of this emotional upset that Rosa is going through; she's so upset she's been throwing up and saying that she feels weak all along her right side, then today she started talking about suing me again for stress. If I'm right, then this is just further proof that the person who has the greatest access to my only living relative, (other than my son), who just happens to be in charge of my finances, is a diabolical pig fucker. Uhhh, sorry about that, I just had to get that out. Anyway you can see how I've been kind of trapped here and screwed either way, to say nothing of the fact that I lost the bed I had been promised and am now sleeping on my old bed -- the one we had tossed out -- the bed that spent a day and a half in the mud and the rain.

It'll all work out in the end. I really believe that everything happens for a reason. I just have to find the lessons that I am meant to learn here and then move on.

My beloved, half blind kitty Jake snuck in to my walk in closet yesterday afternoon and we didn't find him until today. He had a blast pulling all of my clothes down off the hangers and playing with all the stuff I have stashed in there. But I also think he felt sad and trapped because today he is being sooo frendly and clingy, poor Jakey the pirate cat.

Serious horrible headache here tonight and I don't get them too often. I've never been a migraine gal, I've been lucky in that, but oh man this hurts. I think it's all the stress, bleh.

Love you guys,

PS: I need money, will you will some my way, please?

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