Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh My God someone has set themself on fire in front of The White House. Are things worse or am I just more aware?

My Mother is always talking about how much sweeter and simpler life was when she was younger. She waxes rhapsodic on her simple childhood, the fun she had as a young woman; the nightlife, the many dates she had, dancing at The Coconut Grove, the cocktail parties -- life in LA way back when. But then I kind of shake myself out of her revery and remind myself that she lived through the Depression and World War 2, maybe things were good for her, but they certainly weren't all that terrific for people jumping out of office buildings, resoling their one pair of shoes so they could hit the pavement looking for work, or sewing gold stars to their clothing. Aren't we healthier now? What about Polio?

Sometimes I think it's just the speed at which we get our information, the overabundance of it, and the fact that all of the many sweet and loving things that people do for each other aren't salacious enough to make the news. Then sometimes I think we are truly spinning out of control. Maybe I should just turn off the news. Maybe this is why shows like The OC are so popular. Ya think?

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