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Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Hello My Darling, Pumpkin-Pie-But-Not-Turkey-Eating, Thank-You-For-Your-Many-Blessings, Holiday-Celebrating, Live Journal Friends,

I've had one of the best Thanksgiving's I can remember. Of course everything falls short of my unrealistic fantasies, but that's pretty much the way everything goes when your mind is as wildly creative as mine is. I can dream up a better version of pretty much anything, but as far as real Thanksgiving's go, this has been a solid one and much, much better than I had feared.

I had stayed up late last night as usual. I wanted to finish my fire scarf so I could wear it once before selling it. I had laid it aside to work on the pink one but decided to finish this one while orange was still the seasonal color -- before we switch to red, green, blue and white, and whatever other holiday colors various cultures embrace at this time of year.

My man Scott does me the huge favor of driving all the way out here to our desert vacation house every year to spend the holiday with my Mother. He likes to leave early on Thanksgiving to avoid all of the city fleeing holiday traffic of the night before. I wait in bed for him, then we make love, and then get up and do some last minute shopping. Worked out perfectly.

We've had a hard time figuring out the meal these last few years and finally we got it right. We've tried cooking the whole meal ourselves, (poor timing, everyone too hungry, badly cooked dead turkey for the turkey eaters,) ordering food from a club, (horrible, bland, weird food that no one seemed all too happy with,) going to the club here, (the worst -- everyone forced to dress up, Beau acting out, and zero vegetarian choices -- even the salads had meat in them,) and now I think we've found the best solution -- staying home with everyone doing the parts of the meal that they do best.

This year Mom picked up most of the main ingredients for our meal at her club in LA before she left, and Scott and I bought all of the rest. Mom handled the turkey and I made my vegetarian stuffing and bought the yams and extras with Scotty. Everyone enjoyed their meals including Tom kitten who came along with us and is now stuffed, farty, and playing with yarn.

Scott is snoring beside me. Mom is in her bedroom reading another romance novel. Rosa is sitting in her bedroom brooding as usual, (As difficult as she had been, I actually feel sorry for her, I mean who wants to be away from their family and have to work on Thanksgiving, esp. for my Mom who won't even let her sit at the dinner table with us, relegating her to sub-family status where she is forced to take her meal to her room and eat by herself,) and Beau is playing one of his many computer games in the living room.

After dinner Beau and Scott took turns playing Beau's electric guitar. Scott sang three of his new songs -- all wonderful, really wonderful -- and then we sang a little bit together. My Mom actually came in, sat down with us, listened appreciatively, let Tommy sit on her lap and was happy sitting there petting him and enjoying the music. I was so grateful. I looked around at them and thought about how lucky and happy I was in that precise moment.

The desert is beautiful as always. The air is cold and crisp at night and it's warm and sunny during the day. Birds have been tearing little holes in our screens to use for their nests. I haven't seen any scary bugs or spiders in a while, but I wouldn't mind seeing the big frogs that hop up from the edges of the lakes on the course.

As usual someone smacked a ball against the glass floor to ceiling windows that run the length of the side of the house that faces the golf course. I went outside and stood beside it so he could find it. Turned out to be a friendly young guy who was embarrassed. I had thought about tossing it back out onto the fairway to help him out, but that would have been cheating and unfair to the other players, so I just stood there long enough to help him find his ball. These balls come sailing over towards our house all the time -- we have quite a collection of them now. They smack against our windows and bounce on the roof. Sometimes they hit us so hard it's scary. I honestly don't know how the windows withstand the impact of all these badly hit balls -- they must have been designed to take it though because they never shatter.

I don't think Beau's father called to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving, but we didn't call him either, and I could be wrong. For all I know he might have called and left a message on Beau's cell phone. It's just sad how completely disconnected from us he is and I am always reminded of this on holidays. He pops up every once in a while when he wants to take Beau along with him to his Father's house to make a show of family for everyone. To be fair he does try to see Beau about once every other month for a few hours, but that just doesn't cut it as far as fathering is concerned. If you asked him he'd say it's all our fault and that he's really tried to get together with Beau but that we just don't return his calls. I guess he must think that if you only call your child once every sixty days or so, you have a right to expect him to hop right on that ambivalent bandwagon and join the father son love parade. The whole thing breaks my heart -- oh what am I saying, it was already broken and ground to dust long ago. All I can say is thank God for Scott. You should have seen the two of them sitting together on the couch today bonding over this complicated bass guitar slap technique that Flea, (Red Hot Chili Peppers), learned from a Johnson brother -- so sweet.

One of my favorite episodes of The West Wing was just on -- the one where the guys release the two White House turkeys in CJs office and she saves both of their lives.

Leaving aside the mixed history of this holiday and wanting to embrace this as simply a day to join with family and friends -- giving thanks for our many blessings -- I'd like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, minus the Pilgrims, "Indians," and the many murdered turkeys. I hope all of your holidays were filled with love and warmth and if for some reason they weren't, I am currently visualizing happiness, health, and healing for all of you and your loved ones! I love you guys!!

Big Happy Holiday Hugs,

PS: Jay Leno just showed a clip of a younger George W. bowling with frozen turkeys. He held it dangling by it's neck and swung it down the lane -- this is just so damned sad.

PPS: I'm looking forward to Snoop Dog calling me tomorrow with a six am Target shopping wake up call, seriously, (I know it's a recording.)

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