Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Scott Peterson and the Death Penalty

Oooh man I just signed on and saw the Scott Peterson verdict. For a second I felt excited and then I felt ashamed of myself and sad because I'm anti-death-penalty and always have been. I just don't think we should be feeling glee or happiness over this sentence but I understand, given the horrible, truly evil nature of this crime, why people would feel this way.

I think our country is so immature, young in so many ways, (you should talk to Scott about this one -- he could go on for days on this subject as it's one of his favorites), and it's pretty telling that England and France and so many other countries do not have a death penalty, while the most uncivilized and barbaric countries do. For the sake of that one out of a thousand or more who is unjustly convicted, (if not for all of the many other reasons I can think of), I cannot support this.

I have a sense that Scott Peterson is guilty, personally I think he is insane, but I wasn't a member of that jury, I didn't see all of the evidence, and even if I had, these things are spun and manipulated -- the attorneys in these high profile cases are often showboating and have so many motives for either prosecuting or defending these types of defendants -- that I don't know how the truth can remain untainted.

Don't get me wrong, I think that if he did this, he deserves to be put away for the rest of his life -- obviously we should be protected from people like this, and he should be punished for his crime, but I also think it's important to study these cases, to try to understand the mind of this kind of person and the environment he lived in that may have affected the decisions he made and the person he ultimately became. I guess I just don't have a lot of faith in our justice system even though it's better than most. In my humble opinion it's the media and my insatiable desire for juicy bits of news that contributes to it's failure. If all of these things could be conducted and decided on without the scrutiny of the world's press I think everything could happen so much more fairly, but how could it when something like this happens smack in the middle of one of our communities and in essence affects all of us. I mean if a kindly seeming man, about to be a daddy, married to a sweet, happy, pretty woman like Lacy, can just haul off and murder his wife and unborn baby, on Christmas Eve no less, then hack her up toss her in the bay, and go to a party with his mistress the next night, then maybe your husband or my husband is next.

I get the interest in this, I get why we all want to be informed and involved to some extent, but I also want the outcome to be fair and just, and I would so much rather see some effective remedy through psychiatry and psychotherapeutic study sought, something that could then be taught to other men who might find themselves in similar circumstances, than just killing the perpetrator and being done with it.

I so have to go and I have so much more to do and so many things to share with you, but I've got to run over to my Mom's house and help her with some financial matters, ack, help, me needs money. Cross your fingers someone will want to buy my scarves and little hand made vintage corsage pins and that I get them listed tonight.

big loving hugs,
your Jacqui Friend

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