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I did some last minute running around gathering up a few bits and pieces of presents for people today. I went to my antique mall for a few things and had fun visiting with my pals there and found some sterling silver salt shakers and a sweet pink Limoges box for Mom, and something I had been looking for, for Scott, yeay. I browsed the small Christmas area, where we are allowed to put our vintage Christmas goods, and bought a few ornaments for one of my tinsel trees, and some more bottle brush trees for this Martha Stewart white tiered forresty thing that we have set up in the kitchen. I'll take pictures and post them later.

I had so wanted to get to the mall and put things in my case to sell but never got around to it. I hate how slow I am at getting things done, or how hard it is to make earning money, or putting myself first, a priority. I am glad that I went, paid my rent, and put in an appearance. I took them a big tin of assorted popcorn, which while being a kind of cheap and cheesy, (literally), gift, at least lets people know you're thinking of them -- kind of like the basic Sees Candies boxes. I also showed them the magazine article -- I had mentioned the mall a lot and they were written up maybe three or four times and were happy about it. Our manager said she's show the Wertz brothers, that'll be nice.

Oh and speaking of nice, I went to get my hair washed and blow dried by my new stylist Ashley tonight, (I don't think I've ever done this before -- just gone in for a blow dry -- it always seemed so wasteful to me, but I was so tired and knew I would have to try to look nice for our present exchange with the Sartippours tonight, so I just gave in and did it), and was showing the magazine and my cards to the owner Hazel, who I just love. Picture a big hearted, seventy or eighty something year old woman with red hair, very nicely styled, and you'll have Hazel. She's cool, and I hadn't expected her to be because this is my Mother's salon after all. I expected everyone to be kind of formal, stiff, judgmental you know, from her world.

Anyway Hazel and I have gotten friendly and we gab -- she loves that I'm an animal nut because she has a friend just like me and wants us to meet -- and when she read the article she said, "Oh, your boyfriend is a singer?" Turns out her son is the CEO of MCA and when Scott's new CD is completed she is going to give it to him for me. You never know -- seems kind of exciting and fortuitous to me.

Beau and I had fun at Atra and Atra's house opening presents tonight. I think they gave me more gifts than I'll get from anyone, other than maybe Scott if I'm lucky, this year. My poor Mom won't even be able to give me a card because her back is so bad and she is in so much pain she can't even stand. So it was nice to get so many gifts, a shawl that Atra knit for me out of this yarn I had been admiring that she had, a real fine gold chain necklace from Mommy G with a J charm that she had specially made for me, a pink sweater from Amita and a silver necklace from Maryam, two old Victoriany looking pink glass hurricane candles from Atra and Arta, and a whole bunch of foody boxes from Kourosh. I know there was something else, I'm just not remembering it, shoot. They gave Beau a tee-shirt, gift certificates from his favorite clothing store, Hot Topic, and a small green jewel covered sword with a scabbard. It's very cool, old, from Turkey. He loves it.

I gave them so many things it would take too long for my weary hands to type it all out, just picture lots of bags filled with perfume, makeup, candles, books, collectibles, gift cards, and bla bla bla...I really should stop writing when I can't even muster up the energy to do it, yep, that's me, I'm done, I'm beat.

I'm going to go lay down and then I'll get up tomorrow and wrap Esther, Hugo, Andrea and Eduardo's presents, then pick up the vanilla buttercream Yule Logs from the bakery, pick up a present of Mom's that I left at a store, and maybe my diamond B necklace, go to See's if I need to, to get some more emergency extra gifts, deliver presents to neighbors, (I already dropped off the basket for the sisters/nuns, I don't even bother to try to be secretive about it anymore because I think, like they always told us in school, they really do have eyes in the back of their heads because no matter how stealthy I tried to be in leaving their presents, they always knew it was me), load all of Mom's presents I bought for her to give to Beau into the car, all of our many presents to her, (I bought her soooo many romance novels on eBay -- it took us days to wrap them all, and we wrapped them in bunches,) oh and lovely Rosa's presents and the ones for her kids, and head on over to Mom's for dinner.

After that we'll head home and maybe get some sleep, or cuddles and love and then sleep. Scott will probably go home and then come back around noon, I think. Esther and her family will come over a little earlier and we'll exchange our gifts then. Beau's Dad will come to pick up Beau at two and if I'm lucky Scott and I will be able to squeeze in a movie before heading back over to pick up Mom to take her to dinner at the W hotel in Westwood and that'll be it for Christmas. Oh and I got another dog...

For all of my friends who celebrate Christmas; Have a very happy and a super merry Christmas, and for all of my other pals; May your holidays be wonderful and filled with love.

I may not get a chance to log in again for a few days so I scanned all of my cards in for you. If you click the Live Journal link below you can see all five of the collages I made this year, in a slightly larger size than the one above, (if you sent me your address or a card, you'll be getting all of these, but they'll be arriving late), and I finally scanned last year's cards so you can see them as well. I can't remember if I ever scanned them but I do remember promising I would, so just to be safe I scanned, edited, and uploaded them as well.

As always a great big hug and my thanks go out to all of you for your support and inspiration, I so enjoy sharing our lives with each other through Live Journal!

Big Loving Hugs From Your Friend,

Here are all of the cards in a slightly larger format. I had such a hard time scanning them -- they look so much better in person, oh well...

These next two cards are the ones I sent out last year.


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