Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Tsunami Kills Thousands Off Southern Coast of Asia, and This Haunted Hotel

Oh God those poor people along the southern coast of Asia who were in the path of those horrible Tsunamis. Thailand, The Maldives, Phuket, all places I've dreamed of diving, and to think divers and tourists were snorkeling along the reefs totally unaware that these giant waves would drag them along the coral and wash their broken bodies ashore later or sweep them out to sea.

Tourists, sunbathers, children, families, all of those people, lives lost, people separated, businesses destroyed. It's just the worst case scenario, and the kind of thing Beau and I have nightmares about. You know we're just kidding ourselves when we travel to places where you just know the sea could gobble you up, thinking that there are Tsuanami beacons, satellite weather warning systems that will give people enough time to escape to higher ground. We've talked about this so many times because it's one of Beau's big fears, and mine too, I just never let him know this.

I have nightmares about enormous waves crashing down on me while I scramble up steep, wet, sandy banks. Tidle waves terrify me and this one came inland as far as twenty miles? We live here in LA, close enough to the shore to break off along with it if "The Big One" comes along and rips up our shoreline. I've been afraid of this ever sice seeing Super Man in high school where Ned Beatty and Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, I think, talked about buying up what would become expensive beach front property in Abu Dabi. But I've always told Beau that we live far enough inland to never be in the path of a tidal wave, now I'm not so sure of this. Anyone know how many miles Brentwood is from the beach?

I said prayers for all of those poor people, especially this one woman I saw in a photograph, a Swedish tourist, who was sitting on the ground anxiously waiting for any word of her missing husband and children. And all of the dead bodies and wailing people, these kinds of things, the cruel ways of nature, just tear me up inside.

I was going to write about my massage and the sweet and gifted massage therapist I was lucky to meet tonight, her nice friend, and how we had fun talking about spooky things like ghosts and paranormal phenomena. There's a room that she won't work in because the vibe there is so disturbing, and apparently two entire floors of this hotel are haunted, so much so that some housekeepers refuse to work them, but that's nothing new to me. I've never met a hotel that wasn't haunted, and this one used to be a UCLA student dorm, and after that it was a rest home, plenty of opportunities for psychic dusturbance, but this all just kind of pales and seems like silly gossip in light of these tragic events.

I can't help but see bodies floating in the water, it's grim, but it's what my mind is seeing, not the great big manta rays I've always wanted to dive with, but people, lost and floating, tangled up in debris.

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