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Howard Hughes, Loretta Young, Clark Gable, a Jack Russell Terrier, and Live Journal Sold to Deep Six

I'm so behind in posting my entries. I keep writing but not finishing them, so I save them to polish and post later, but then time passes and they seem dated to me. Well, they should, obviously, because they are. I'll try to find some time to catch up soon.

You should be receiving your super late holiday cards by now. I sent out the first big batch of cards a few days ago, but there are still more to send. I ran out and had to go back to lame old Kinkos to make more. Those will go out tomorrow...

I'm going to be going into the studio with Scott this weekend to lay down background vocals for his new CD. I haven't met the other women I'll be working with, but they seem cool, Scott likes them. One of them sang with James Brown, it'll be exciting to meet her. Scott wants to call us the Irie-Girls and is hoping for something along the lines of the I-Threes. We can only hope.

I have so many Mom stories to share, stories about Howard Hughes because naturally with The Aviator out Mom is thinking about him and chatting away amiably on the phone to me, telling me what she can remember about the few times she went out with him. Later she was friends with his wife Jean Peters who would come to her factory, ( for anyone who hasn't been following the story, my Mom was a successful dress designer/manufacturer), in order to save money by buying dresses from her wholesale. Can you imagine -- with all that money, he made her pinch pennies like that? And she used to like to give people manicures, it was a hobby for her, and then she would donate the money she got to charity. Lots of good stories there.

I didn't get any sleep last night and am exhausted as usual. All I could manage to do was to just lie here watching television. There were two movies in a row starring Loretta Young so I watched the first one and part of the second. Then while looking up some recipes for Mom on the net today we talked about Loretta Young and Clark Gable, she knew both of them, but if I go into it on my journal today, I know I'll never finish this up and post it and there will be just one more entry sitting in my Live Journal Unposted Entries file. I'll just have to remember to come back and share all of these stories with you later.

I need a good name for our new puppy. She's a long legged, wire haired, Jack Russell Terrier terror, a real wild woman. Beau wants to call her Scrappers, Scrappy for short, but as I told him, that's just one letter away from calling her Crappy and Crappers and since he won't be cleaning up any of the crap, I don't think it's fair that I should be stuck with having to call her such a yechy name. I'll post a picture as soon as I can get her to sit still long enough to take one. So far all I have are fuzzy shots of parts of her face, but not they're not the kind that are cool and arty enough to post -- an eye and a lolling tongue -- that kind of thing.

I suppose since there are literally millions of us are chattering away about this today, that I should probably address it; Brad's selling of Live Journal to Six Apart. Brad and I have been distant pals for a long time, since long ago when my dear friend Ana pointed the way and got me to sign up -- back when Live Journal was a very tiny place. We used to speak on the phone because back then he was brave enough to list his own home phone number on his journal and I thought, "Oh what the hell, why not," and called him. I used to be on his friend's list but one of his techy pals got pissed off because back then my long rambling photo filled posts were kind of a new thing, at least in Live Journal land, and none of these guys wanted to read these super personal ramblings of mine. Mostly they posted brief blurbs about coding and open source. I think they didn't know what to make of this emotional woman who rambled on about her personal life, about things that might have seemed a bit too icky and weird to a bunch of techy college age guys. Then day by day I watched our little community expand exponentially, it was scary the speed at which we grew -- a kind of I tell ten people and they tell ten people and so on, only I told ten thousand people, I couldn't help myself, I loved it so much.

I knew a good thing when I saw it and could have asked for a job, there were plenty of opportunities back then, but as usual, I procrastinated and watched other people crowd in and take over. So I was content to just write away here and do my own thing, squatting on my little piece of Live Journal land like some kind of old time pioneering land grabber. I'm proud of my early adopter status and the gift of having my account made permanent, a gift I would have missed out on if it weren't for my generous and dear friend Howie. So I've seen this sale coming, I knew something would have to happen at some point, we got too big, drew too much attention, something was bound to happen.

I trust Brad, he's a good guy, and he wouldn't sell us out, not even for a lot of money. I'm going to go with the flow of this, knowing that if he thinks these are good people, and that this is the right time, that it must be. I'm going to get out my glass that is half full of champagne and toast Danga, Six Apart, my love of the old, and my willingness to embrace the new.

Here is a link to Mena's (co-owner of Deep Six), writing about the aquisition.
And here is what Brad wrote about this.

Oooh time to walk the dogs before it gets too cold and dark...

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