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Crap, now I think it must be some kind of virus. I can't get in to any other password protected sites. I've been signed out or off of everything and when I try to sign in, none of them recognize me, not even anacam. Isn't this weird? I'm running Norton and I'll run Adaware and Pop Up Stopper, but I can't figure out what this is. Could it be because I'm using a weird service in a hotel? How come Semagic recognizes me and allows me to post from here, but I can't get in or on from anywhere else? What kind of virus wipes out your computer's ability to communicate passwords with websites? Any ideas?

Oh well, big sigh, forgive me for having fallen behind in wishing some of you Happy Birthday. Hopefully I'll get this worked out and come around to visit you soon.

I'm at a hotel in Riverside. Beau is in an adjoining room talking to our friend Phil and gluing starbust candy wrappers to his Vans, kind of a tennis shoe decoupage project thing. Last night he made one of those little wooden downhill racer model car things. I'm so happy he likes to craft things.

I got my two Valentine scarves done, all except for the fringe. Problem is, the yarn costs more than I can sell them for, and of course this doesn't even begin to take into account the time that goes in to making them. I need to find a good wholesale supplier of good yarns. I have my resale license, I just don't know where to get good quality and fun yarn at wholesale prices.

I made some Valentines to put in my case at the antique mall last night, and I began work on some new ATCs.

I bought a book about Howard Hughes and another book to help me with my grammar and punctuation but I'll have to twist my arm to make myself read it.

I can't remember if I told you that my beloved black Cornish Rex escaping kitty Harry got out while we were in Palm Desert and no one noticed for four days, by which time he had been sitting at our local shelter for long enough to have almost been adopted by some woman who was really interested in taking him #^(&! He got out last Saturday when Esther was working and some TV delivery guys came to deliver our new TV. I'm not clear on whether Esther knew he got out or not and in her haste to get away decided he'd come back soon enough and left him out or not. Then by the time she came back, days later, good ol' Anna hadn't even noticed he was gone. Esther saw a sign saying someone had found a cat. She thought it looked familiar but she wasn't sure. She came home, asked Anna is she had seen him, and of course Anna said something like, "Oh yeah, I just saw him," but when they couldn't find him anywhere they walked back to where Ether had seen the sign and called the woman who put it up. That's when they learned he'd been sitting at the shelter for four days, and just let me say $#@& here again because I am so pissed off about this.

I'm grateful to whoever this person is for putting up the sign, but super pissed off at anyone who would take any animal to a county shelter. I don't understand how people can't know that the shelters give themselves permission to kill animals after a minimal stay, something like four days. When I find any animals in my neighborhood I go door to door looking for the owners. I put up signs and keep them until I can find their owners. If all of that fails we have a neighborhood association, block captains who have lists of every pet on every block, and a Pet Committe. Plus, Harry is so unusual looking, that if you ask anyone within a five block radius of my house if they know where he belongs, that person is more likely than not to know.

Anyway thank God Esther noticed the sign and had the presence of mind that Anna does not have to do something about it. She asked my neighbors for a ride to the shelter and when no one was home she got her husband to come over on his lunch break to take her there. She knew enough to take the lost sign with her and a picture of Harry. When they got there they ran into the woman who had been counting the days until she could take him. Because Harry is a super unusual cat to see anywhere, let alone at a shelter, the shelter people and this woman gave Esther a really hard time about taking Harry home, but in the end they had to give in and they were able to spring him. Of course he recognized Esther and Anna right off and started yowling and waving his hands between the bars of his cage. Ha, I was just thinking about how much it bothers my Mom when I use words like arms and hands when talking about my cats. People who think of animals as being less than people tend to get super sensitive about these kinds of things.

Now I know that all of this is my fault. Where was Harry's collar? Why didn't I replace it when it fell off? Why do I have lazy and stupid careless people working for me -- looking after my beloved animals when I'm away from home? I guess the truth is that they have seemed semi-adequate, I'm used to them, I love Esther despite her flaws, and I don't have the heart to fire Anna...yet, and since my last run in with Eunice the 10K extorting, glue sniffing, gang banging chola bitch, I've been thinking the Devil I know is better than the Devil I don't, so I keep putting up with shit.

I wonder if this will post...

I'm pretty amazed that Jack Lalane is still alive and standing, is it the juicing and the exercise, the raw food and fiber?

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