Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Taking a Break and Cats Watch TV Too

Here are my two February,Valentine-Baby-Birthday-Cards for my LJ pals who are born this month. Happy Birthday, February babies!

I'll be coming around and giving them to you personally on your birthdays. I've been doing this for a few months now, I think, and I really enjoy it. I like finding and editing new images each month, then going around visiting my pals and catching up with them. It helps alleviate some of the guilt I feel for being unable to keep up with everyone's daily postings. I sure try, but with 750 pals it's pretty near to impossible to do.

I love my buddies here, I really do, but trying to catch up with everyone and keep all of the names straight is so frustrating. I'm not willing to let go of anyone though, you're all so cool, and I keep hoping I'll be able to be the kind of friend you deserve. I have become more discerning about who I add back though, whereas before -- out of a desire to never hurt anyone's feelings -- I just automatically added back anyone who added me. I unintentionally added a lot of not-too-nice folks by doing this and I've learned the hard way that I need to be much more careful. The drawback to this new approach is that it takes me longer to add people back because there are always so many people coming and going that I get confused and I want to visit each new journal and check people out before I add them. With everything I have going on in my crazy, cluttered, busy life here, it can sometimes take a super long time before I get around to it.

I am soooooooooo happy and grateful to be sitting here at home with nothing seriously pressing to do -- happy to have at least a few hours here to take it easy. I thought I was going to have to go to Mom's to deal with business matters, and was dreading it as usual, but neither Mom nor Tina could give me a straight answer on whether we were getting together today or not. Then just as I was dressing to leave, Tina called to say she was in a rush, and wanted to leave early so we rescheduled my stuff for next week, yahoo!

I actually have a lot that I should be doing, but I so want to just lay here for an hour or so and try to catch up on rest, that I just don't care. My body is begging me for a break...

In my annual personal challenge to see every nominated film in every single category, I finally saw Maria Full of Grace, which was so well acted and directed, and so sad. I can't believe that we haven't seen Ray yet, shhh don't tell anyone, it's embarrassing, but I'll buy the DVD and then Beau, Scott and I will watch it together at Scott's house soon. I'll catch you up on the whole Scott/Jacqui music drama thing soon. I've been avoiding writing about it. It's just too upsetting to go into right now when I'd rather be resting.

The cats are getting a kick out of teasing me -- doing naughty things and then looking at me to see if I'm going to react -- knocking my things off the shelves, piling on my arms so I can't type, getting into fights, marking the blinds and cushions with their own personal scent, and changing the channels on my TV. I'm watching The West Wing but they want to watch Judge Mathis, obviously the whole Emmy-nominated, Zoe Bartlet kidnapping episode, that I've never seen, isn't as interesting to them as bickering white trash...wait, speaking of bickering, I have to go break up a cat fight, yikes, be right back.

I bought, a, new -- book: about; punctuation, (because we), all know? I need. help in this area", -- it's about a panda who Eats Shoots and Leaves. Oooh I think maybe I told you about this before; between the Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, PCOS, Hashimoto's Syndrome, ADD, super sensitivity and chronic lack of sleep, my life is a constant slice of deja vue pie.

Queer Eye For the Straight, GIRL? Why? I mean, why girl instead of gal? If it's Queer Eye For the Straight GUY, why isn't it gal instead of girl? It isn't Queer Eye For the Straight Boy.

I just heard that my dear ol' friend Jen, theolive, here on Live Journal, had a leak/flood/roof-cave-in right over the closet where she keeps her expensive, precious, hard-won, Edwardian clothing collection. I feel sooooo bad for her and wish I could do something to help her out. These clothes are so incredibly expensive though, if I were lucky enough to find a piece for her, how would I know if it were the right size, and even then, how could I afford it. When things like this happen I so wish I had an endless supply of money so I could just wave a magic money wand and ease her pain a bit. I know it's just stuff, but I love my stuff, and I know how much these things can hurt.

Speaking of hurt, my friend Atra had another one of her severe migraine attacks last night. When this happens she is so sick she lays on the floor of her bathroom, getting up just to throw up, for hours, waving everyone away, while simultaneously crying and begging them to kill her. God, I wish there were something I could do, and this happens every month. I've bought every kind of herbal supplement and over the counter drug I could find for her but she needs to go to the doctor, stand up to him, and insist on his giving her some serious medication. The last time she went he told her to take Tylenol, yeah right, Tylenol for unbearable, unrelenting pain and constant vomiting.

Well, so much for my little break, the phone keeps ringing, and when they stop, Tom Kitten jumps on them and steps on the redial button, the carpenter needs decisions made, Anna can't get anything right, the cats just won't take the strong hint that I don't want them sitting on my arms, and it's almost time to go pick up Beau, argh...


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