Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

The SAG Awards, Valentine Procrastinatation, Sandra Oh is Hot

Oh My God the SAG awards are just so emotion packed tonight. First James Garner says, "Hello Actors," and then breaks up thanking all of us, then sweet, sweet, gentle, quietly intense, wonderful, lovely, elegant, sincerely talented Morgan Freeman won, YESSSS, (I voted for him!) and said, "I want to thank everyone I've ever met!" Sigh. And now we're watching the annual montage-goodbye-tribute to everyone who passed away this year, tears!

I love this awards show. Some idiot at the dog park today said the SAGS were nothing because they didn't carry any weight in the lead up to Oscar. First of all I disagree, and second of all, like I care; these are my brothers and sisters, my soul mates, the people with whom I share the deepest longing of my heart, and I can't think of too many other things I would rather be doing than sitting here celebrating their work.

I made some new icons for Valentines Day but I haven't had the time to put them up. I also have got to go to the mall and drop off the pink knit scarves and glittered heart shaped cards I made, sheesh.

Hey, did I miss anyone in the mad rush to get my Holiday cards out? Did anyone send me one and not get one in return? Please let me know so I can make this up to you, like I said before, some of you forgot to include your journal names or even your return addresses and I was sorry not to be able to send cards back to some of the kind people who sent cards to me.

Oh yeay, Sandra Oh is giving her thanks for having won in the best ensemble cast category for Sideways. She looks FABULOUS tonight, wow!!! She is my absolute favorite actor by far in this film and the best thing about this movie, as far as I'm concerned. If I were gay, (and I'm not entirely sure that I'm not because I've always felt that I could love a woman just as easily as a man -- I love the person more than I love the sex of the person), she would be the exact type of woman I would fall in love with, well, after Angelina, Oprah, and Ellen ; )

You know part of it is that she is so funny and centered, and there is just something so sexy about funny people. It takes serious intelligence and presence to be funny, it's such a gift. I also thought she was super sexy as the pregnant best pal in Under the Tuscan Sun, and well, yeah, as long as I'm revealing super personal bits of information about my sexuality here, I might as well add that I find pregnant women unbelievably attractive and sexy. It always seems like such a pity that so many pregnant women don't get how very beautiful they are, don't see themselves in the same way that I do -- as the embodiment of life; juicy-ripe, sexy, life giving peaches. Getting back to Sandra, as this terribly wronged woman kicking the shit out of the jerk who wronged her in Sideways, she was superb.

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