Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

It's a little late for ashes...

Bye bye Fat Tuesday, I didn't even know you were here : (

Hey Everybody, I have a new address -- my PO Box moved -- so you might want to make note of this, although they said the old address should work until August;

Jacqui Hyland
149 South Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049

I'm still here in the valley at my Scottmon's house. I am sooooo glad that we both roughed the discomfort of working through our creative differences. It's helped take our relationship to an ever deeper level. At least I think so.

I think this is one of the most beautiful aspects of long-term, committed, (Oooh that scary word), relationships -- getting through the rough spots, growing through them, and coming out the other side, ending up better for it and closer as a couple. I've learned a lot about myself, as a person and as an artist, because of this, and I'm sure he has as well. But, I'm not going to write another word until I've gone around and thanked everyone who sent cards after the holidays and didn't get a card or even a thank you from me in return. I'll send out these cards -- the latest I've ever sent, ever -- as soon as I get home, which should be tonight. We finished up early and are done recording the back up vocals for now.

Oh no, or oh yeay, (I guess it depends on how you look at it), I seem to have finally found my long lost period, that darned man of mine must have had something to do with this. Some long dormant primitive part of my brain must have been wakened out of it's slumber by his kisses and is now back in business and ready for child bearing action. Oh if only. I so want a daughter, but Scott may be past the age where he would want to do something like this, and I'm certainly way up there in terms of biological age. I think a shark swallowed my clock a long time ago and I can only just barely hear it ticking every once and again. But the desire to have a daughter is still so strong. I've been seriously considering adoption for years and years.

Anyway here I am with a rare period, they went away when I got an IUD and my gynecologist and her nursing staff seemed to think this was a good thing, while I've been sadly thinking my life as a youngish woman has come to an end and I am approaching or smack in the middle of menopause. I keep waiting for the hot flashes to hit. So...what am I going to do here without any tampons, darn it? I used to be so prepared for things like this -- my bags filled with happy, bouncing OB tampons, but my cats have stolen all of them, seriously, and there's not a one in any of my bags. Sammy and Swanky, two of our beautiful, sleek, black oriental short hairs -- my beloved Sparkle's baby boys -- push their naughty heads into any open bag or drawer and steal all of them. Then they run around the room, proudly tossing their little white tampon prizes in the air and catching them again as if they were mice.

Among all of the lovely cards and gifts that had gone missing in the PO Box move, were some cat toys from Sammy, girl_of_rat here on Live Journal, and I can't wait to give these UK versions of the typical mouse and bell ball catnip toys that our cats love to play with so very much. They're somehow cooler to me because they came all the way from a place with the sweetest name, Swallownest, and of course because they were sent by a friend. But nothing will ever replace the joy the cats get from playing with tampons, ear plugs, and plastic Snapple cap wrappers. Meanwhile I'm going to have to limp to the store with a wad of paper towels stuffed in my panties and just have to pray they don't fall out -- you know that actually happened to me once, oh horrors.

Sarah A. Camp, are you one of my Live Journal friends or are you a Kidsville or Collage Cat pal? Does anyone know? I want to e-mail you and you haven't included it in either of your sweet cards. BTW Thank you for thanking me for the card I sent, that was sweet of you!

And Julie Westphal, which of my wonderful LJ pals are you? This is the sweetest card!!! I love it, and I adore the stickers and all of the work you did, but I have a muddled mind, and am lucky to have too many pals here and when someone kind like you doesn't include their journal name as well I get confused, I'm so sorry, I want to send a card to you as well. Did you write to me on my journal asking me if I'd received your cute card? I'll have to go back and see if I can find the comment, ack.

Awww I just heard an ice cream truck passing by, that little song you sometimes hear them play is so nostalgic.

Well, I guess I'll be heading home tonight. Scott needs some down time although I would so love to stay and play with him. He's had so little sleep. He gets up at five, gets ready and goes to work, drives home in horrible traffic, gets back here between six and six thirty if he's lucky, then we wolf down some terrible frozen or fast food and then run over to the studio where we work for hours, then come home, maybe watch a tiny bit of TV, or make love, and then sleep and get up and do it all over again. So as much as I would love to beg him to let me stay and play with him, because I know he'd say yes, I can tell he just really needs some time to himself darn it.

I think I'll just finish up another pink Valentine knit scarf, while watching the Medium shows he's taped for us, and then I'll head over to the mall and play a little bit until the traffic dies down, and then I'll head home late and return the rental car tomorrow. I can't wait to see my Beau and all of our many animal friends, I miss them so. Must...bury...face...in...fur...and of course give them all a kiss attack, you know they love this so, not.

Okay das it.

Big loving hugs from your pal,

Here's an image for all of my fellow Lapsed-Catholic-Wanna-Be-Zen-Hindu-Budhists.

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