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Birds Before a Storm, I-Pods, Airstream Trailers, Ana Voog and Scott

Watch the birdie.

I still don't feel well, (bladder infection, ouch), and I have a mountain of things to try to accomplish today, because we're having a sale at the antique mall where I have a case, but I just had to tell you about the birds in our neighborhood. It was so weird, like something that happens in a movie right before something apocalyptic happens; it seemed as if all of the birds in the world, definitely more birds than I have ever seen gathered in one place, were perched on the trees in front of our house. There were so many, they covered every branch and were making the most amazingly beautiful sounds. They were so loud that we could hear it here in our bedrooms at the back of the house, even with all of the windows closed.

As soon as Beau heard this he came running to get me, because having been raised in LA he knows enough about earthquakes to be alert for any pre-earthquake animal weirdness -- I mean anything to give yourself the extra few seconds it takes to put on your shoes and run. So naturally when the birds started behaving so strangely he got frightened and thought we were about to be visited by the Goddess of Shifting Tectonic Plates. I hadn't told him that we've been expecting a big rainstorm here, and he doesn't watch the news unless it's assigned to him for homework so he didn't know.

We went out on my balcony to watch and listen to them, and it was so beautiful and touching -- the way they were all twittering and singing together in this gorgeous loud chorus of birdsong. From the balcony over our library, at the back of my house, I have this terrific view over most of the other houses in the neighborhood, and we could see thousands of birds flying from one tree to another. They were all swirling around forming great big flocks and then separating, looking for shelter and calling out warnings to each other, all while making this beautiful diverse and constant stream of bird sounds. We both wished we had some kind of shelter to offer them and I wonder where they've all gone now that the storm has finally come.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I finally gave in and bought an I-Pod and had a blast buying some of my favorite songs on I-Tunes. I just wish I could share them with you, I have to figure out how to do this...

Hurting hugs,

PS: I think they're buying and restoring, or redesigning, Airstream trailers on The Apprentice tonight. This has been one of my little dreams for a long time now. It's the main reason why I bought a big gas guzzling Ford, the second being the number of kids I had to take to and from school every day when Irma's four kids were living with us. You just can't do this in a Prius, although I have been trying to find a way to buy or lease one to use as our main car, then we could put the Ford up and use it only for hauling or traveling long distances.

I tried to get my Mom to watch this tonight, but she wasn't interested, she doesn't like reality shows. I want Mom to get into the idea of our buying an Airstream because she makes the decisions about my money and since she is kind of out of the loop, current culture wise, she doesn't understand most of the things that I'm interested in, and therefore can't get behind them. I want to buy an old Airstream and restore it because we would not only be able to save money by taking it with us to Burning Man every year, instead of renting one, but we would be able to use it for antique and collectible buying trips and for traveling. Argh, I just need to get off my ass and generate my own income without needing it to come from my inheritance. but first I need to clear up this weird bladder whatever-it-is...

PPS: I really like Ashlee Simspon, I think she's a sweetie-pie and I like her music and the way she sings. I like her dark hair and her personality, she has the greatest energy. What I don't like about her career rise has nothing to do with her -- it's just jealousy and upset -- anger that I feel towards the music industry.

For example, my guy, who is this genius singer songwriter, (and you wouldn't know this from the music he's got on his site right now because it just isn't a good enough representation of his work), has had to struggle for so many years to try to find the right people to get together with to produce an album that will capture what he hears in his head, and what I hear when he sings, and there's my dear friend Ana who is this incredibly talented singer/songwriter who IMHO should be working like crazy and isn't. These are two super gifted people who are just as deserving as anyone else, if not more so, and the fact that they aren't getting their work heard as much as so many of these pretty, pop music babies who are out there just because they're cute and have been packaged properly from the get go, just doesn't sit right with me.

And here's American Idol acting like it's big of them to have upped the maximum age limit of the singers on their show from twenty-six to TWENTY-EIGHT years young, big deal! Does this mean that Ana and Scott and me and everyone else over twenty-eight years old should just chuck all of their dreams? I sure hope not, but it does wear on me, and upset me, and make me sad and a little envious of people who have soooo much support from such an early age that they don't get all tangled up and distracted by the complications of living

Pretty, pretty birdies. I so miss having them, but I am not a good enough birdie mama, same goes for fish, sniff, sniff. We've got more than enough animal pals as it is without adding delicate sweet little birdies and fishies to the mix, darn it. I really miss them : ( God, I love animals, all animals, even bugs : )

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