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There are soooo many wonderful people on Live Journal. Of course I think the people on my friend's list are the absolute best, the coolest, the cream of the crop, the grooviest Live Journal folks there are, but every once in a while I go journal hopping and it just blows my mind how many more undiscovered gem-people there are out there.

How do you resist adding new people to your journal when you can't even keep up with the terrific people you already love and have on your list? I can always hope I'll get better at this...and at least wish people Happy Birthday on their birthdays.

I had so much fun stumbling into some of these journals tonight -- most of them came from a link on my pal Mellissa's journal. Mellissa is of course super cool so it would make sense that she would have some terrific friends, but it's also fun finding friends of friends of friends. It's also a super, life-affirming reminder that this world is populated with beautiful, creative, like-minded and sometimes not-so-like-minded people, who are wonderful nevertheless, people that I just want to gather up in my arms and hug. Thank God for Live Journal. I wonder if Brad realizes how grateful people are to him for making all of this happen. Every once in a while I go on over there and tell him.

I'm finally turning the corner on my seriously flared up bladder, yeay, thank you God, but I'm itching like mad from the Vicodin. I think I'm pretty much done with Vicodin, everything tells me that it just isn't good for me. I love that speedy euphoric feeling I get from it, and it makes me want to grab Scott and Fuck him wildly, but this is of absolutely no use when I'm in the thick of a serious bladder attack. Even now that it's getting better, it sucks, or well, doesn't suck, for both of us, because he's all the way over there at his house, and here I am in my room with all of these crazy kitties.

I'm enjoying catching up on shows I've taped using my new DVR and this is fun. It's kind of a pain having to manage which shows to watch, and which shows to dump to make room for more but it's sure fun to see things I would never get to see because they come on when I'm out and about. Por ejemplo, I love Starting Over and rarely get to see it, same with Oprah, Ellen, (Ellen -- man, Ellen  makes we want to be gay, she's so funny, smart, sweet, kind, and sexy -- maybe I just love women, not love women as opposed to men, but just really appreciate and love my own sex), The Jeff Corwin Experience and so many others. I'm watching Jeff Corwin right now. I've missed so many of his shows and I so love them, he's so funny and of course you know I love watching anything about animals. I just finished watching a show about wild animals in New York -- animals and New York -- I loved it!

I'm having a problem with my journal that's just sort of suddenly cropped up. I usually write my entries in a little file window that I open up on AOL, (Yes, I use AOL, shhhh, don't tell anyone), then I save it, spell check it, save it again, and then finally I transfer the text to my Semagic program and post it. But lately, when I try to transfer all of the text, it brings over a bunch of unwanted code that kind of messes up my entry and doubles up all of the auto-coding that LJ does on it's own, so when I skip a line and then include code telling it to skip a line as well, I wind up with extra lines and paragraph breaks. Then I end up having to delete all of the html and this is such a hassle, argh.

I decided to stay home and skip going to the fun, Hawaiian, Tiki blues club performance thing tonight and I'm sorry I had to. I missed seeing Scott and I missed seeing his pal and producer Marc playing bass with this cool yuke player guy, darn it. But I've been so worn out and hurting that just returning the rental, taking a cab and picking up our new/used car, and then doing just a couple of small errands had me completely wiped out. I even rescheduled the meeting with the Art Deco Society fashion show gals that I had originally scheduled for tomorrow.

I'm so grateful to have a new car. This means freedom to me. I'll be able to spend the night at Scott's without worrying about having to be back to take Beau to school in the morning. Not that I'm going to abandon him for Anna to raise, but it'll be nice to have the option of staying over at Scott's when I want. I might even go to a movie in the middle of the day because I won't have to get the car back by 1:45, woohoo.

The one thing I didn't notice about the car, when I decided to buy it, is that it smells like smoke and there are cigarette burns on the seats, oh well. I'm hoping that with a super thorough cleaning, and liberal applications of Febreeze, that I'll be able to rid this car of the sour smokey smel.l

Tomorrow is Atra's Mommy Ghodsi's birthday party. I love her and she's been so depressed lately about her health so I want to get her something really special. Maybe I can buy her a pet snake, ha ha, not. I have snakes on the brain because of Jeff Corwin, he's holding a cobra. I love snakes. I love everything. I love everyone. I'm just a big, sloppy, emoting love-gal tonight aren't I?

Okay me go.

Big loving hugs,

PS: Oh and I have a HUGE favor to ask; Does anyone out there take Imitrex or any other prescription medication for migraine headaches? If so, would you be willing to part with just one pill so I can have one handy for the next time my friend Atra has one of her horrible migraine attacks? I am trying to persuade her to go to the doctor and ask for one, but I don't think she believes there is anything out there that will cut short that 7-12 hour period of laying on the floor of the bathroom begging everyone to kill her. Seriously, if you want to be kind and help out a pal, please put an Imitrex in an envelope and send it to me for Atra.

Jacqui Hyland
11718 Barrington Court
Los Angeles, CA 90049

This is actually my old PO Box address but I don't have the new one on me right now. It won't matter though because they'll be forwarding mail to us until next August.


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