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Pilates, Hair Repair, Bugs Bunny, and Garage Sales

This Morning

I just called my Pharmacy and instead I reached the LA County Morgue. I don't know if someone is trying to tell me something.

I have Pilates today and I'm being a baby about going. I have been wanting to go forever so I don't understand why I'm such a procrastinating, lazy, fearful butt about taking care of my body and my health. I procrastinate about pretty much everything -- even things I really like doing. The funny thing is that when I am exercising, I feel so good, and I'm well aware of how crucial this is for any further weight loss, if not only for maintaining the weight I've worked so hard to get rid of.

Watching Starting Over every night on my DVR has been so helpful for me. It's like getting this free boost of group therapy without having to make the weekly commitment, and being able to fast forward through the people whose issues you don't connect with. Imagine if you could do that in therapy, fast forward through the people who are just boring the hell out of you? Although to be truthful I can always find something to connect with in whatever people are talking about. I think people and their stories are so fascinating.

This Evening

I so have to go to bed. I promised Atra's Mommy, my friend Ghodsi, that I would take her to these garage sales, that I am seriously crossing my fingers are going to be happening, in Santa Clarita tomorrow. We went a year ago and just lucked in to this amazing entire neighborhood garage sale thing, it was so much fun. Oh wait a minute, it just occurred to me that I could look back at my journal from a year ago and see if I wrote about it then. Apparently it's this whole neighborhood thing that they do once a year. To the best of my recollection it was the first Saturday in March. We must have gone to something like twenty or thirty houses and there were so many good things and at great prices. Ghodsi loved going so much that it's been one of our main subjects of conversation for a year now. She would literally be calling from Tehran, Atra would hand the phone to me, and the only thing Ghodsi would say to me was, "Jacqui Joon, garage sale?"

I loved Pilates! I can see how I am going to get addicted to this if I can stick with it. It looks so easy, and everything is so simple, but if you do it right, it really works you. I have a bad habit where I tense my neck muscles when I need to use my stomach muscles so pretty much any time I work out I am soooo sore afterwards. I didn't want to be a whiner and tell my trainer so I just suffered through this one exercise, and it was killing me, I almost gave up, but I am super competitive and I'll push myself way beyond what my body can do, even if I know I'm hurting myself. Silly me, turns out she would rather have known I do this, and would have let me use a pillow to elevate my head until my stomach muscles are stronger. So now I'm paying the price, ouch!

I went to my wonderful hairstylist Ashley today to finally correct the cut and color I got from the other hairstylists who hadn't done such a great job. They are really, really nice and I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings, but I just wasn't happy with it. It was this weird neony yellow color, and not in a cool outrageous fun way, it was just bad, artificial looking, and the cut was so scary. So thank God Ashley fixed it. I felt so good coming out of there after having been pretty unhappy with the way it's been -- the fried, overprocessed, fakey blonde. Now the blonde is softer and the cut has been blended a bit so it isn't so Keith Partridgey.

This paragraph may be challenging for you to read if you're sensitive, it's about a kitty who got run over, so just skip down to the next one if you don't think you can handle it, kay? When I came home from working out, getting my hair done, buying birthday gifts, and doing some other errrands, my neighbors Caryn, Betsy, and Gina came over and told me about a cat that they had all seen who had been run over and was still laying in the
steet : ( The first thing I wanted to know was whether they were certain it was dead, hoping I could maybe save it, but they all assure me that he was dead. Then I had a panicked second or two wondering if it could be one of my guys, but I knew she/he wasn't one of mine because all of our cats are indoor kitties. It doesn't really matter that it wasn't one of my cat family, I mean thank God it wasn't, but I still felt sad, it was a beautiful, big, healthy looking black and white cat and it seems like such a shame that some asshole just sped along, killed him, and then left him alone in the road to die. Asshole. I know it's just simply my job to be brave and pick up any animals who have died, and see to it that they are buried or cremated because really who else is going to have the heart to do it? So Caryn got a box and walked me over to the kitty, and I tried to calm her down, and told her not to look at the poor little guy while I picked him up and put him in the box. It was so sad, one of his eyes had come completely out of the socket. He was stiff. I just made myself do it, for his sake. I couldn't leave him in the road like that to be run over any more. So sad, how life just gets taken away. I felt so much love for him, still do. I don't know how to put a sign up to tell someone that their cat died. You can't say that you found a cat because then someone will feel hopeful only to call you to receive this terrible news and how can be certain he was their cat anyway? What do you think I should do? I couldn't keep him for someone to identify, so I took him to my vet to have him cremated. The girls thought I should just put him in the trash but no way would I do that. At least I could do this much for him. He felt like a him to me and honestly, even though his body was very dead, I felt like he was present, there was a feeling of warmth and energy around him.

Scott and Beau and I went to Beau's tutor/teacher's, Mr. and Mrs. Copeland's weekly Friday night Souplantation dinner, but tonight it was special because we were celebrating their birthdays. I bought them some cute dog, (woah Kit Kat just leapt across my computer, he went so high it looked like he was flying), art books and a big gift certificate and they were thrilled. I always think whatever I give isn't enough so it made me feel so happy that they were happy.

I really enjoyed watching Beau engaged in conversations with these older people. It made me feel a little proud. He was being polite for a change. Scott has taught me a new expression to try on him when he isn't being so polite and it worked tonight and made Beau laugh. Basically you start any corrective sentence with, "I know you are suffering from being a teenager but..." I also loved watching Scott talk to Mr. Copeland and some of the other people there.

Louise and Marc are such good people and they have some really great friends. One of their friends, who I've met before, is hearing impaired, and is soooooo cool. She was one of the original animators who drew Bugs Bunny so she always does a Bugs sketch for Beau when she sees him. She became deaf when she was six months old after getting whooping cough. I would so love to make a documentary about her life. I was talking to her about it and she said that she has finally begun to write a book about her life. Her life story is inspiring and fascinating.

I have really to got to get some sleep -- something I'm not too terrific at when I have all the time in the world to sleep in -- but when I have to get up super early, oh man, I need to be careful, I'm not eighteen any more : ( and I can't pull all nighters like I once used to.

I was looking at the main Santa Clarita newspaper to see if the neighborhood listed their garage sales and came across this funny entry about people who are irritated with their neighbor's pets holding them for ransom. You'd think I would hate this kind of story, but people can be so dumb, and the writer is funny. I think you'll like it. Holding a 2-Oz. Dog for Ransom

Sucks that we haven't made love in so long. I was so sure it was going to happen today. Maybe Sunday?

Night Everyone

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