Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Friday 4-8-05 Super Early In The Morning

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I've been so absent lately...lot's of big things going on, things I don't feel ready to write about, things I can't write about...

We're in Palm Desert. I brought clothes for riding and haven't, a bathing suit to swim in and haven't -- we haven't even been to the movies, or gone out to dinner, or done anything really, and I like it. I did manage to roll up all of my loose skeins of yarn today and that felt satisfying. Beau's been playing his new online game like mad and I've been keeping Mom company. I set a few small vacation goals for myself and will be happy if I can learn how to operate my new Blackberry, my birthday camera, (I bwak-bwakked out and bought the latest Sony Cybershot, instead of the Canon, and I'm already sorry, oh well), and get through the stash of magazines that I brought along with me to cut apart for collages, because I was sick of the mounting piles on the floor in front of my toilet.

Oh wow I just looked up at the television, the channel scroll is on and I saw that there was a show on channel 42 about Pope John Paul II sandwiched in between The Exorcist on channel 41, and something similarly spooky called Exorcisms on 43. How weird is that? And I'm not even high ; )

We brought Malibu and Chippy with us and we've all been having fun playing around the house together. I adopted a new ratty yesterday when I went to the pet store to buy some cat treats and dog toys for the neighbor's dogs. He's so cute, he's soft and furry, with curly grey hair and whiskers, and ears set kind of low on the sides of his head. He also has just about the mellowest personality of any rat I've ever had, I hope he's well and this isn't because he's sick or old. I'll love him just the same, I just want him to be well. Beau named him Charlie something after a character from some show on Adult Swim.

I went for a brief bike ride yesterday and spotted some neighbor dogs so when I was done I went around visiting them. I met Dixie, a white female lab who lives about three houses away from us and is suffering from some kind of facial muscular atrophy and is losing her vision. She's only eight. I brought her some toys that she really liked but it was sad to see her trip over her dog bed. She isn't old, she's only eight, her problems are genetic.

I also met two cute little cocker spaniels named Daisy and Molly. They were playing in their front garden so I sat on the cement in front of the wrought iron gates that enclose our patio/gardens and pet them through the bars.Daisy was super friendly but poor Molly was kind of a barking wreck with one of those electric anti-barking collars. Never fear I won her over, hee hee. I've got a bag full of treats for them but I have to ask their people if it's okay to give them to them.

I always ask before I give anything to an animal because sometimes they're on special diets, have allergies, or have odd chewing habits. If I'd given Dixie the peanut butter heart shaped dog cookies I bought, she would have gone into arrest, she's that allergic to peanut butter.

I lucked out and found a good show about Ayn Rand on TV tonight starring Helen Mirren. Any time I see something well made with an actor over forty, I'm thrilled. Earlier tonight I watched a pretty weird Indy Aussie film starring Sam Neil and this wonderful actress I don't know, but it was so exciting to see these two mature actors playing sexy lead roles. I've had the hots for Sam Neil since, well, since The Omen. Oh no wait, what am I saying, smack my forehead with a noodle, the first time I saw him was in My Brilliant Career -- male hotness personified.

I'm missing Scott terribly, we haven't had a lot of couple time together lately with all of these holidays and plans...

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Hello My Little Sex Monkeys,

We're still at home here in LA. We planned to spend the second half of Beau's Spring Break at our vacation home in Palm Desert and were all packed and ready to go last night, but Beau flipped out when he couldn't get his computer to work and begged me to give him an extra day here at home. Poor Mom, she left last night and is waiting for us, but there's no way I'm going to try to leave until after all of the freeway traffic has cleared, which won't be until seven tonight.

I'm watching an old episode of Ellen while trying these weird Japanese foot pad things that look like little tea bags that you adhere to the soles of your feet. I bought them a couple of months ago, at our local Japanese market, because they looked interesting, but I don't have a clue what they're supposed to do. All of the writing on the packaging is in Japanese. I hope they aren't penis enlargement patches or something ; ) I just love to try things at this store. They have fun food and products, but the problem for me is that no one there can explain what anything is to me so I just have to buy things and try them -- kind of a drag for a vegetarian if I wind up eating candied squid cakes by mistake. You never know...

This is the episode of Ellen where her ex-girlfriend Anne Heche costars as the ex-girlfriend of her TV girlfriend, are you following this? Anyway I'm watching it and remembering how much I loved them together, how invested I was in their relationship and how disappointed I felt when it didn't work out. I love Ellen, she's just so cool and funny as hell, and despite all the serious weirdness I think Anne Heche is a terrific actor. I was so happy for them and so glad that finally the world seemed ready to embrace two successful openly gay women, and then it all fell apart.

Funny how we get involved, or think we're involved, in the lives of people we don't know, and then we get really upset when things happen to these people who we've never even met -- like Brad and Jen breaking up. I mean who knows what really went down -- their close personal friends and family, I suppose, but certainly not The Enquirer or even People so why read them? I know it's none of my business, but it's hard to ignore the enormous publicity machine and all of the imagery, you know what I mean? It seems like it's just kind of splashed all over my world. It calls out to you from your television, the computer, and the grocery check out lines, and the radio in your car. Even if I promised never to buy another magazine again, there they'd be calling out to me, at the hair and nail salons, or sitting beside me on a chair while I'm waiting for a mammogram, or a pap smear, and who wouldn't rather be looking at photographs of people who are more successful and have more money than you do, than sitting on a hard plastic chair worrying about whether you have cancer or not. I think you'd have to live in the Appalachian mountains not to get sucked in, but then again maybe they get satellite now and sell The Star at the general store. Do you think people in Madagascar know who Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton are?

Argh, the phone keeps ringing and ringing and I just know it's Phil calling to see if his damned PSP has arrived. I told him that it wouldn't get here until the seventh or the eighth at the earliest but that won't stop him from calling every hour to check.

I spoke to my Scotty-pie a little while ago and he teased me about staying up so late last night. He called me an Anti-Rooster and his little creature of the night. I keep doing this -- staying up way too late and then trying to sleep-in to make up the sleep. It's really bad for me and makes everything so much harder. Sleep deprivation is a suspected cause of Fibromyalgia and I can tell that my body hurts so much more when I don't get a good night's sleep.

Scott's still struggling with his album design and sent seven quick cover ideas to me last night that his designer had sent him -- all bad. I just don't think anyone can do too much with the recent photos he took and I feel so sorry for him. He's really a handsome man but he hasn't been in the best health lately and it shows. He either needs to spend the money to hire a good photographer and a stylist, so he can get some decent shots of himself to put on the cover, or go with a landscape photo or something graphic. I told him to contact Jen and Honeywest because we're desperate -- hope you girls don't mind.

I'm sitting here with the TV on trying to clear out all of the shows my digital video recorder grabs for me before it has to decide which ones to erase in order to make room for new ones. I want to be sure I've seen all of the shows I've saved before they disappear. Mainly I'm concerned about our Jeff Corwin shows and Absolutely Fabulous.

I swear I don't know if all of this technology is making life better or worse. I mean I really like all of these fun toys, but they seem to be making my life so much more complicated, and I get really upset, stressed and then depressed when they don't work. I've noticed that the same thing is happening to Beau.

When we go to Palm Desert I'm going to try to get Beau outside and away from the computer, at least for a little bit. I'm hoping we can go horseback riding and bike riding but he is so addicted to his online gaming that it's super hard to lure him away.

Atra gave me her three Norouz goldfish yesterday afternoon so they've joined the rest of their Persian holiday fish victim pals in the tank we've set up for them in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of our cat-free zones now, so they should be safe there. We've also got Phil's three white feeder mice in there as well because the airline wouldn't let him on with them, even though the ticketing agent said it would be fine. Poor Phil, he was so happy about his mice. Poor us -- it's not exactly like we're dying for more pets to take care of here.

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