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Bluebell Attacked Our Mouse, Jean Carol Dresses, and The Bachelor

Oh woman what a day! Beau woke me up at six to tell me that our aggressive-hunter-cat Bluebell has broken into the kitchen again and killed one of Phil's mice. These are the little white mice I bought for Phil that the airline wouldn't let him take home. I did what I could to comfort Beau and asked Ana to wrap up the little mouse so we could bury him later, and then I went back to bed. As soon as I'd rearranged all the pillows and made myself as comfortable as an insomniac with Interstitial Cystitis and Fibromyalgia can get, Beau paged me again saying that the mouse was alive after all, and to please some downstairs.

I ran downstairs and saw what looked like a dead, little, white mouse on the floor, and Beau and Anna weren't doing anything to help him -- which really pissed me off. Beau was afraid to touch him, and Anna, well, Anna is usually in her own Anna-world. I picked up the little mousey, who was in shock and cold, and warmed him up. I told Anna to put the cage with the other two mice in it, in my shower, because at least I know Bluebell won't be able to get in there. Then holding the mouse against my chest to warm him, and wearing only a small night-shirt without any underwear as usual, I ran to the car and drove as quickly as I could to the only animal emergency hospital that will treat little people. But sadly I discovered that my favorite animal emergency hospital, Northbay, has gone out of business because the great vet who had run it for so many years, sold it to these young vets, and moved to Mexico, and I guess they couldn't keep it going. What a loss : (

After that I drove to the local Petco that wasn't open yet, but I could see that the lights were on, and I thought that if I could get a little box that I could put the mousey in to keep him warm and free up my hands, that I could figure something out from there. I got out of the car and changed into some other things I found in the car. Someone in a car across the street watched me but I just didn't care that he or she got a peek at my shy-breasts, I just wanted to save the mouse. I knocked on the glass doors and this man reluctantly came up to them and spoke to me. I asked him if he could give or sell one of those little carrying boxes to me, and I guess he took pity on us and decided to bend the rules a little, because he looked so worried when he opened the doors just a crack and slipped out this small, folded, cardboard box to me.

After this I drove home, found another mini-cage to transfer Mr. Mouse too, and then I carried him upstairs and gathered some first aid supplies. I used warm wet cotton balls to clean the blood off the three spots where he'd been bitten : ( and then with a Q-tip I applied Hydrogen Peroxide to the wounds until everything looked clean, then I put some Neosporin on them. Later we took him to the mouse-vet and he's there now getting fluids and antibiotics. I said no to the chest x-ray because at one-hundred-and-ninety-dollars I simply can't afford it, and it isn't going to tell us anything that we don't know to do anyway. Either he's going to get better on antibiotics or not. I'm not going to put this tiny little person, who I have only just met, through surgery, when I have human friends whose kids need help in order to go to school, and friends who don't have health insurance and can't afford medication, a son whose computer needs never seem to come to an end, and cats who need all kinds of medical help, esp. Buki who needs the most expensive medication I have ever purchased.

I think this early dress of my Grandmother's is absolutely gorgeous! I love these colors and the print is so lovely -- I really love these old florals. I'm so happy to have won it, but as described -- with "pit stains" and "holes throughout" -- it shouldn't have gone for as much as it did, darn it.

Vintage 1920's -- Pink Satin Halter Dress -- Jean Carol

Vintage 30's 40's Bias Cut Halter Jean Carol Dress

I won both of the dresses I was bidding on, but as usual, I think I got jacked. I had to spend waaaaay too much money for both of them. They're beautiful and super dear to me, but shouldn't have gone for this much. Check out the bid histories and tell me what you think. Tell me it isn't suspicious when someone with zero feedback, who isn't bidding on anything else, drives your bid up at the last second. Argh. I hate this because I am so worried about money lately and at the same time I don't want to miss out on owning these early examples of my Grandmother's work.

My sweet, wonderful, generous man bought this for me. It's the earliest example of my Grandmother's dresses that I own. Well, actually I do have two others but they're in tatters -- this is the very best one I've ever seen and was well worth the whopping one-hundred-and-twenty-five-dollars that it cost. My Mother would kill me if she knew we had spent this much money to acquire this. Now, my Grandmother, she's probably smiling down on me knowing that the main reason I'm doing all of this is because I love them all so much.

Oh and the poor woman, (well, I kind of doubt she's poor), who owned peggyhunt.com before me, called and asked for it back. My Catholic-school-girl-guilt is kicking in big time here, but I'm not going to cave. She left a message on my machine offering to buy it back from me, but I thought about it, and as much as I need the money right now, I wouldn't sell it to her for ten-thousand-dollars. Isn't that weird? Now, maybe if she offered me fifty-thousand I'd give it some thought ; ) I do feel bad about this though, but Scott cheered me up by reminding me that she did let it lapse, and she's a broker who only needs the web site for her local business use. She can add realty to the end of the name and she'll be fine, whereas people from all over the world write to me asking for information about my Grandmother. Oh and did I mention that register.com is squatting on my site with a bunch of animal hunting related links? Can you imagine that? I guess it's because my Granny's last name is Hunt. Grrrr. As soon as I get a free moment, as soon as I finish doing all of the things I have queued up to do, I'll redirect it to Phil and put some kind of temporary marker up. I just can't stand the idea that I've paid money for this site only to have a whole bunch of Fucking animal death links sitting there.

The new Bachelor is on but I'm just not liking him. I've enjoyed some of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, even though admittedly it's a pretty guilty pleasure. There's a lot about it that bothers me as a woman, but I love semi-reality TV, so I've laid my social concerns aside and watched my fair share of them. Sadly though it seems like the caliber of people they're rounding up to hook up have kind of dropped off.

I don't really understand what it is about Charlie that makes him such a catch -- what there is about him to recommend him -- having a famous brother just isn't enough. Maybe I missed something wonderful about him and could find it if I looked him up on-line, but I just don't know why I'd want to spend my time doing this -- I'm already feeling guilty for wasting our time here writing about this. He has this lazy monotone way of speaking that makes him seem stoned and drunk most of the time, (maybe he is), and he just seems like this hardcore party guy, who is in no way ready to settle down. He's managed to narrow down all of these women to the worst bunch of people -- there's hardly anyone left to root for, oh no wait, there's a nurse left, I'll root for her.

Another thing that bothers me is that this time around everything seems so much sleazier, and much less like it's about people genuinely looking for love, and more of a competition. He and the women on the show embody some of the worst sexual stereotypes, with his dumping the more wholesome women, like the one single mom, and going for the one gal who is obviously using sex big-time to snare him, while some of the remaining women seem really snarky and mean. Maybe I just don't like him because he's a fencer like my ex. The one thing I did like about tonight's episode is that he tried to catch the women off-guard, without all of their glam makeup, hair, and gowns. Bla, bla, bla... black smoke, white smoke...

Okay, I'm finally going to get to go to bed, WOOHOO! Night everyone!

PS: This is a picture I took of my Mom at our house in Palm Desert. She looks pretty good for a woman born in 1916, don't you think? She was covering her face because she didn't have any makeup on yet. That's my painted screen on the wall behind her. She wanted it so I gave it to her.

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