Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I have to get going, but I thought I'd share another older one with you. I live in Los Angeles, I bet you can guess who this was about.

Impermanent Blonde

Didn't like her
Didn't like her son
He was the meanest kid
in the kindergarten class
Last week I went to a party
at her ex husband's house
I hadn't realized she was an ex
wife of someone so famous
She looked tired and thin
from trying hard to hide
pain, age and anger
She seemed dry
like her hair
and it scared me
Counting age spots and wrinkles
having dreams about losing my teeth
I wondered if I was heading
in the same direction
At her son's graduation
she wore a tight black dress
that blew up around her waist
with every hot and sunny breeze
Her tanned legs looked as hard
and out of place
as her black silk g-string panties
at a preschool picnic
At the desert table
she apologized for eating
a few too many
chocolate dipped strawberries
as if everyone were watching
and counting her calories
Driving by her building today
I see the yellow tape
and avert my little boy's head
The front steps are
wet with her blood and yet
despite the horror, sadness and loss
It all feels the same
as everything else
in this dangerously unstable city
where people are as brittle and close
to cracking as the faulty earth
There are truths
we never see
laying there
crumpled and broken
like all the quake wrecked homes
crushed to nothing
and left in piles in the street
Waiting for someone to come
and sweep the fear away
If I knew I had days left
maybe two or three
I wouldn't want to spend them
worrying about how things look
Keeping up a sunny front
while desperately counting
the caloric content
of a piece
of chocolate dipped fruit

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