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I took these pictures from my car window tonight just as I was leaving the market. I love plain little back yard birdies. There was a big bush next to my car and there were so many little birds hiding out in it I thought maybe I could get some shots of them if I didn't move too quickly. The second picture isn't as good as the first because I had to take it through the glass.

Happy Passover for all of my Jewish pals here : )

These baby lambs were only a few days old. Aren't they the cutest little things? I so wanted to touch them but mama lamby wasn't having any of that.

I can't remember if I told you that Mommy G., (Atra's Mother), fainted while taking a walk around our block the other day, wound up in the emergency room and had to be admitted to the hospital again : ( I went to see her at Cedar's and took flowers, a little stuffed doggy, and a nightie. She looked so sad. She had the purplest eye I've ever seen. It was so dark purple it looked unreal.

She was being good and forcing herself to walk but she shouldn't have been out on her own. Something happened -- we're not sure what -- and she passed out and landed on the side of her face, breaking her cheekbone and jaw : ( Then she got a blood clot in her brain and everyone was worried they would have to do brain surgery on her, but thankfully the medications they gave her dissolved enough of it that they chose not to. Isn't this sad? If you knew her -- how sweet she is, how childlike and dedicated to her family she is, you'd feel sad too. I really love her and worry about her. She's so kind to us. She forced herself to come to my birthday dinner when she was feeling awful, days before she was hospitalized the first time. I told her not to, but she made herself get all dressed up, and came anyway. She's better now and at home. I'll check in on her again tomorrow.

Oh hang on, my darling grey Rook-kitty, (Sparkle's, sniff, sniff, baby who he trained to fetch for me), has just brought his little green bell ball for me to toss for him. Oh so cute -- while I was busy writing this, he tossed it off the bed himself and went to fetch it. Gotta play a little catch...be right back.

I can write in between tosses. Oh good boy, he put it right back in my hand, and then when I threw it again, he jumped up and smacked it like a volleyball. Rook is a very cool cat. He's the one little grey cat amidst all of the black kittens in the picture near the bottom on my info page here.

</i>This is Silky (temporary name she came with) in her box on the way home. You can't see her super paws here, but I'll get a shot of them when she's feeling safer and more settled.</i>

I did wind up rescuing another kitty after all -- a serious polydactyl -- with the most extra toes I've ever seen -- EIGHT toes on each of her front paws, eight, and five each on the back, giving her a total of twenty-six toes! The record is twenty-seven. Of course this is the very thing that makes me like her so much. She looks like she has catcher mitts for hands, or double paw/hands on her front legs, and extra toes on the back.

We're also thinking of taking on just one more cat, (yeah right), in the never-ending search for a reincarnated Mirau -- my favorite cat of all time. There's a chance I might get lucky enough to be able to adopt a flame point ragdoll and then I'm going to have to seriously reverse this trend and start finding homes again for some of the many rescue kitties we've taken on.

I missed my cats terribly when I was at Scott's. But I did get to visit the shelter where luckily there was plenty of cage space left so none of the cats seemed to be in imminent danger of being murdered by the shelter death cult Fuckers. Sorry, it's just a deeply hurting and super sensitive issue for me. Please don't comment on this if you disagree with me or have a critique of our behavior, I'm just not in a good place to hear it right now.

Here is the mama goat and her babies from my trip to The Farm the day before yesterday. There were three baby goats but you can only see two. I think she was sitting on one of them. Isn't that goaty smile she has on her face adorable. The babies were soooo soft and charming. They were only a few hours old when I took these pictures.

Oh and did I tell you that Mr. Mouse is back? I think I did. He made it. Isn't that amazing? After four hundred dollars worth of care. One of the vets at the hospital wrote, "Bit by cat," on the intake form on the front of his chart, but when they typed it in the computer they mistakenly typed, "Hit by cat," instead, and it wound up becoming the joke of the week. Every time I'd call to check on his progress someone would say, "Oh, you mean the mouse who was hit by the cat?" And then they'd bust out laughing.

I made Scott go to the tanning salon so he could get a little color to look better for his photo shoot that wound up getting put off until Monday. I worked so hard to make sure he would be taken care of. Three separate times I checked with them to be certain they understood he had never been there and would need someone to walk him through everything. Instead they sent him in to one of the super strong tanning beds and let him bake for a whopping TEN minutes. If any of you have ever gone for this tanning bed business I know you're agape at this. Ten minutes is too much for someone with dark brown leathery skin, and certainly way, way, waaaaaay too much exposure for someone who's been spending most of their time indoors in an office. So of course my poor Scott got burned, which is the last thing I would have wanted to have happen to him. Imagine someone who loves you trusting you with something semi-scary like this and then ending up in pain because of you : ( Sucks.

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, they sent him in to the Mystic tanning spray booth, without explaining how it works, so he didn't even know that they provide booties to keep the bottoms of your feet from turning orange, or a cream that would make the spray stick more evenly, or the all important nose filters so you can breathe, and worst of all, he didn't even know he was supposed to stand on the little metal plate that makes all of the electrostatically charged tanning spray particles stick to your skin, and wound up standing waaay too close to the spray nozzles, so after all of this expense and trouble, he ended up with a burned back and drippy brown streaks running down his legs. And I feel so bad because he trusted me with this. I should have been there to help him but the gals promised me they would hold his hand. I even made sure they typed this in the computer.

The only good thing about all of this is that he does look much better with some color on his face, and they've promised to give him five free tanning bed and Mystic tan sessions and an expensive recovery cream to make it up to him. How amazing is that -- a business actually accepting responsibility, apologizing for something, and giving away something to make it up to the poor customer -- here in Brentwood? You can't know how weird and rare this is. Probably because most businesses are so tired of the mean, uptight, demanding, usery customers that they are constantly inundated with. Seriously, people can be awful around here. I am constantly amazed by how unkind and rude people are to each other around here. I go out of my way to be kind to everyone, just to kind of spread the love around and make up for all of the bad exchanges between people. I get such a high from making people happy in these small ways. Just the other day, the guy at the bank parking lot, (who I always tip because I just can't stand seeing people yell and complain and literally throw crumpled up dollar bills at), told me that I'd made his day by being the only person who had been nice to him all day.

I have so many more stories, as usual, and I don't want them to get lost in the fog of my mind, but I have got to get some sleep.

Big loving hugs,

PS: Thank you Anawee for calling me at Scott's last night to cheer me up. It helped so much and I loved our late night chat. You're one of my most favorite people too!!! XOXOX

And this picture is for my friend Jen. Okay, they're not horses but it's close, sort of, ponies, horses. The mama on the left came over to check on her baby because we had been paying too much attention to her/him. I got this shot just as they nuzzled each other. Awwww, how sweet is that?

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