Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

God, parenting can be frustrating. Beau arranged to have his friend S. over without getting my permission because I was at Scott's house for a couple of days and he says he couldn't reach me. Not true. So when I came home yesterday S. was here and they were making plans for him to spend the night. This is the kid whose Mother always calls and yells at me whenever her son is awful to her -- the kid who calls his Mom a "Fucking Bitch," the same one who got busted for tagging, and who I recently learned is smoking weed, sigh. Since he was already here I stupidly agreed to allow him to remain for the night if he promised me that they would both get a good night's sleep and if he swore up and down that he would do whatever it took to bite his tongue, for a good twenty-four hours at least, and not be verbally abusive towards his Mother no matter what. He promised.

I also talked to him about the whole pot thing -- explained that I wouldn't allow him to be around Beau any more if he got him to try it, and he swore he wouldn't. So, naturally, they stayed up most of the night, (I hardly model good sleep habits for him), until after I got so fed up I practically yanked the computers out of the wall at four am and dragged him to bed, and just now I got a call from S.'s Mom screaming at me and at him saying, "I'm sorry Jacqui but this just isn't working. S. just called me a bitch and I'm not going to allow him to play with Beau any more." She kept yelling at me, then setting the phone down and yelling at him. I heard him say, "I did not call you a bitch!" Then she said, "oh yes you did don't make it worse by lying. Jacqui this just isn't..." "God damnit Mom I didn't call you a bitch."

The nerve of this woman. I have been putting up with crap from her little man for seven years; ruined furniture, countertops, wood panelling, a baseball sized hole burned straight through Beau's mattress, the way he talks to his Mother, his failing grades, his crappy attitude, his getting arrested for tagging, now I find out he smokes pot, and tonight he goes home and calls his Mom a bitch and my son is the bad influence? For the first time ever, and after years of just sitting through her wild angry phone calls, patiently listening and kindly consoling this volatile but well meaning woman, I simply took the phone away from my ear and hung up on her. Enough compassion already, there comes a time when you just have to take care of your own family and this is it.

Sheeit I'm sick of this kid's family dramas. I mean I feel sorry for him, I really, really do. I care about him, and I know Beau loves him, I even care about her, how could I not, she's well meaning, she's just got some serious anger management issues, but how many times am I supposed to let his Mother scream at me on the phone -- most of the time it doesn't even have anything to do with us -- but this is the second time I've had to hold my own anger back while she blames us for her son's abusive behavior that he learned at her knee. Trust me, my son has never, ever, called me anything even close to the kinds of things S. calls his Mom. I think the worst thing Beau has ever said to me is, "You're mean."

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