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I'm back from Palm Springs. We got in late last night.

I'm watching Saturday Night Live. It's a repeat, but I missed the original so it's almost as good as a new one. One of my favorite hosts is Christopher Walken. He's perfect for this. I love The Continental.

I'm uploading pictures so I thought I'd share some with you.

This is my wacky cat Ala on the sofa. She's a Cornish Rex. Most people ask me if she's a Chihuahua.

This is one of my twins, Moe, coming to see me in the library. I named them both Moe, cause, well, cause morcielago means bat in Spanish, and they're both so batty. So we have Moey One and Moey Two. Moey One is friendlier, but I love both of them.

Here's Beau's birthday bunny. The magician used him in his act and then gave him to Beau. I planned the whole thing, hee hee.

This is my wonderful little guy in Las Vegas. He was sitting on a tiger statue in Sigfried and Roy's garden. I hated their show, but I wound up really liking them.

This is my theatrical headshot. It was supposed to be a kind of thirties style shot, but I smiled and kind of wrecked it. My pal Alan Weissman is an amazing photographer. I'm so lucky to have worked with him. He's included some of my pictures in ads, and I even got included in a brochure with pictures of Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, that was pretty exciting. I'm just waiting for my LJ enemigo to come along and call me a liar for this. Wait till I tell him Gene Kelley told me, "You've got what it takes kiddo," and that I studied with Lee Strasberg and had lunch with Laurence Olivier. Sounds like a bunch of lies but they're all true. I've got so many stories but I'll share them with you some other time.

Oooh Colin Quinn took a really nasty potshot at people with AIDS. Man, how did he get away with that? what were the writers thinking? The audience booed him, thank God for that.

I volunteered for a local cat rescue organization today. I haven't done that in a while. I used to volunteer at the shelter but I got way too crazy and depressed. I think I'll be doing this on Saturday's, if my energy level will allow me. I really admire the man I was working with, Michael, what a good guy.

I got scratched by an Arabian wild cat at the Living Dessert. They looked so much like cats, just bigger. I couldn't resist so I put my hands up close, and they reached out and tried to pull them in. I know it was stupid but I'm kind of proud of these scratches. I hate seeing animals in cages, it's so fucked.

My boyfriend (manfriend, partner, sweetheart, pal) was singing/playing with his new band tonight, but I was so weak and worn out from this little bit of work I did, that I couldn't go. I'm going to see the rheumatologist this week about fibromyalgia.

I wrote a long letter to my little sponsor girl in Nepal, Kopila Tamang. She had just sent me a new picture and some drawings. She's so cute. I would LOVE to go to Katmandu and visit her. Someday when I save up enough money.

I'm reading a new book about a woman writer who collected statues of Mary for the kitsch value and then fell in love with her and made a documentary about the various appearances that are taking place. I'd like to go to Medjugoria. When I went to Mexico to see the shrine at Guadalupe I felt this very powerful emotional presence. I couldn't stop crying, even though I was with my Mother who is unbelievably critical of any display of emotion, especially in a situation like that. I was kind of embarrassed, but it was so powerful and overwhelming, I couldn't stop.

I have a good life. I'm pretty blessed.

Just wanted to check in and tell you I love you.


PS: Olivia, thanks for your sweet comments. I was just out of town.

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