Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

American Dad Goes to Burning Man and Artie Calls in Sick Again on Stern

Okay, since my last several entries have been serious downers I think I owe it to you to try to cheer us all up. The two funniest things that I saw/heard today were the episode of American Dad where the characters went to Burning Man -- Beau and I were shrieking with happiness seeing our beloved alternate world drawn in to this show -- there was the man, and hippie freaks like us, and even their pet goldfish went along. I loved it.

The second funniest thing was when Howard Stern played Artie's calling-in-sick-to-work tapes on the radio today. Poor Artie. The show really suffers when he doesn't come in, and everyone knows it, so they realllly give him a hard time about being absent. The last time he called in they saved the message he left on Gary's service and teased Artie about it for ages. They put it to music, they made a terrific prank phone call...and they did the same thing with this latest message he left today. I'm gonna hunt around on-line to see if I can find a transcript of the prank call because it's really classic. They used his tape and called a store and just played it over the phone as is. The man who answered the phone, who sounded Asian, thought he was speaking to someone live. He would interject things when Artie would pause to cough. God, it was funny. Hang on...

Oh too wonderful, while searching for Artie/Stern transcripts or any kind of image from this cartoon version of the playa I wound up looping my way back to Live Journal where I found a similar post to mine here, but from Halcyon, a nice seeming, good-looking, pink-haired guy, who I didn't recognize at first but who, after a bit of digging, I learned is the nice guy who goes around hugging people with his pink hugglet wrist things. And he's hugged both Beau and me before, so the world is feeling a little smaller and warmer tonight. See, just when I'm feeling blue and crappy and down on the world, something sweet like this will happen to remind me that the world is a good place. To say nothing of the terrific pictures that Treeny/the_answer_is and whistle_this posted on my journal to cheer me up.

Well, at least I found this to make you laugh; Bush flipping us all off, heh.

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