Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm Rick James, Bitch!

I'm watching Looking for Mr. Goodbar here at a whopping 3:20 in the AM. I loved this movie when I was a kid, it's great that some of these older movies, are still cool and have held up well. I remember thinking this movie was so sexy and I had the biggest crush on Richard Gere, (remember him doing push ups in that jock strap thing?) until that whole gerbil story started going round. I heard it from a woman who did PR for the hospital where he was supposedly taken to the ER and it sure seemed believable at the time, who knows.

"Stay loose baby." Now that sounds dated. But my favorite line from the movie is, "By parting lovers it is writ, 'Oh darling though art still a shit.'"]

I love movies, and I really love Diane Keaton. People used to say that I look like her. Maybe a little bit around the eyes? If I were a billion pounds thinner ; ) I just love her personality, her acting, her quirky style, and I love her directing. I wish she would make more movies, Jodie Foster as well. I love movies directed by women. Whatever happened to Lee Grant?

I finally saw the, "I'm Rick James, Bitch!" Dave Chappelle sketches and I was laughing so hard. My favorite was the one where Rick James jumps on Eddie Murphy's couch and is grinding his dirty boots into the white upholstery. You have to see this, it's hysterical.

Beau was looking at a Snapple cap tonight and it said that a group of cats is a clowder, a clowder of cats. I looked it up on the Net and it turns out there are several collective nouns for kitties; clowder, clutter, (I like this one the most because it seems the most apropos for us), glaring, pounce, dout, nuisance, (I don't like this one for obvious reasons), and destruction. For kittens there's kendle, kindle, and litter. Here's a list of collective nouns, my favorite is a murder of crows.

So this is our fraidy cat Mitzie. Still frightened but getting better, and isn't she cute?

And these are her fabulous polydactyl feeties. I kiss them every day : )

This is my favorite cat Jake, or Jakey-Pie for not-short, poor Jakey with his stomach tube. He's fine though, just as much of a pain in the ass as he always was. Right now he's trying to dig his way under the computer and is making me type with my arms suspended in the air.

This is Summer. She is the same kind of cat as Jake; a Devon Rex. They both have asthma and make a lot of noise when they breathe. I wonder if this is common for their breed, with their pushy faces.

Here is my beautiful Niki-Cat. I think he is the most gorgeous cat in all the world, but I remember when he looked so weird to me that he actually scared me. I still think he looks a little like an alien. Sometimes he'll sleep with his mouth pressed up against mine -- it's so sweet.

And here are the baby cats. Beau wants me to be sure to tell you that he took these two picutes of them. Aren't they the cutest? These are the guys I took in when some complete shit took them away from their mother, when they were only three or four weeks old, and sold them to a pet store. I've been mothering them 'round the clock for a while now. They're finally eating on their own and gaining weight, yeay, and I don't have to worry about getting them through the night any more.


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