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Computer Woes, a Baby Bird, Beau and Greg, Scott's B-Day, and Plastic Surgery

Hey Buddies,

I'm happy tonight. My bladder seems to be on the mend, cross your fingers. My friend and neighbor Betsy suggested that I take my antibiotics (Levaquin) at night instead of in the morning and that's helped me feel a little stronger. I only have a few days left so I'm hoping this super strong antibiotic will wipe out whatever resistant little bacteria are still hanging out in my body. Out, out, out.

I'm catching up on my beloved Oprah -- watching her After the Show program on Oxygen. I swear this DVR has changed my life. What are advertisers going to do? I know I sure don't want to watch regular television any more. I can't bear to watch TV without the fast forward function any more. Been watching a lot of Clean Sweep episodes as well. It's funny how I go through little TV binges, even though I love him I've had enough Jeff Corwin for a while, and I stopped taping Starting Over -- it's just too much TV to manage, and I get stressed trying to watch everything before it gets deleted.

Right now the series I have set to record are Oprah, of course, House, Grey's Anatomy, Inside the Actor's Studio, Law and Order: SVU and the new Trial show, Britney and Kevin, (don't laugh I can't help it, I'm a sucker for reality shows), I married a Princess, Meet the Barkers, Medium, Trippin, The Life Laundry, sometimes Ellen, and I'm waiting excitedly for the new Six Feet Under season to start, woohoo! A week ago I was going crazy trying to tape all of the shows I was watching. There was one night where there were at least four shows I wanted to tape at the same time, but my DVR can only grab two shows at a time. I think it might have been the night when the Nanny shows were on, whichever night that was.

Today was so odd and challenging. I'm just so relieved that everything worked out and that all I really have to do tonight is to try to get some rest. I didn't get any sleep last night.

Wait, hang on, Oprah's guests are discussing tantric sex...

Okay, I'm back, nothing new there... So I was saying I didn't get any sleep, and I kept trying to catch up on the lost sleep this morning, but there was just no doing that with all of the many interruptions. Atra called about an hour before she had to go to school, worried because she couldn't get any of the homework help files I sent to her to open, so I grabbed my laptop and to my great surprise learned that it had crashed, again. Terrific hunh?

Oh man I was so upset. I just knew I would have to call Ron, (our computer pal), and beg him to do a complete reinstall ASAP, and this on top of the fact that Beau's new computer is broken, and there's also the desktop computer Phil built for Beau that's never worked properly. Then while I was talking to Ron, with Atra waiting for me to come over to help her figure out how to access her homework files, my neighbor Gina called to say that there was a baby bird sitting on the ground in her back yard, and that it's parents were dive bombing her. Nope, no sleep for me.

I went over to Gina's and there was the cutest baby backyard birdie sitting on this brick patio chirping for it's parents. Gina said that while she was waiting for me to come over one of the parents flew down and fed the baby. I checked her out and she looked fine. I think she's a little fledgling and hopped out of her nest too soon. I'm always afraid to touch baby birds because I worry the parents won't want to have anything to do with them after that. We looked all around to see if we could find a nest to return her to, but couldn't see it. So I thought I was going to have to adopt her and try to feed her until she'd be strong enough to release her, but Gina had this idea that maybe we could put her on top of the shed roof.

There is this flat roof at the back of Gina's yard that covers this open patio area where she entertains. It's pretty big and butts up against plants and trees on two sides. I picked up the sweet baby birdie and lifted her onto the roof to see what she would do and she kind of hopped/flew back towards this tree limb that is hanging down and touching the roof. At least she's safe there where Gina's dog can't get her. She kind of tucked herself into the leaves and branches of this tree, and her parents took turns checking on her and feeding her. I so hope she'll be all right.

I think that letting her parents take care of her would be so much better than to take her out of her environment and try to feed her here with all of the cats. I went back a couple of hours later and she was still on the roof and her parents were keeping watch. I'll check on her again tomorrow to make sure she's doing okay.

Ron put a new 60g hard drive in my laptop and together we pieced it all together again -- reinstalled most of the software, bleh. Beau gave him his desktop computer to rebuild, since Phil didn't do too terrific of a job, and the kick-broken computer will be on it's way back to Dell as soon as the packaging gets here. We haven't heard anything from either Greg or his Mother. I didn't think we would. Money conflicts can sure clear up who your friends are for you in no time at all.

Beau didn't go to school today but with just a week remaining before he graduates from eighth grade and goes on to high school, the last thing we need is for Beau and Greg to get into any kind of fight at school, so I've told him to walk away if Greg tries to get into it with him. I've told him to get a teacher if Greg starts any trouble and not to start anything himself. I'm not going to allow them to spend any more time together, Greg and his Mom used up their last chance with me over this, and the only thing left to do is to write a letter and let it go. I don't need her money because our warranty will cover the cost of the repairs. I'll have to just accept the fact that she is never going to believe that her son kicked and broke Beau's brand new computer, and that she'd prefer to believe that Beau, "set him up."

I learned another interesting piece of information about Greg. I told Beau that it didn't matter that much that they weren't going to be friends any more since Greg would be staying behind at the middle school when Beau goes on to the high school next year. Beau told me that Greg won't be going back to their private school and that instead he is going to be attending the local public school. No one wants to send their kids to the public schools here because most of them are pretty bad with fights and drugs and just the overall lack of funding. I really tried supporting the public school system when Beau was smaller but if it weren't for the parents he wouldn't even have had science classes because they just didn't have the money for them in their budget. We had to raise the money ourselves for pretty much everything.

The higher up you go in the public school system, the harder it is to make any kind of a difference for the children or the teachers because the schools are just too big and your kids get swallowed up. Greg told Beau that his mother decided to take him out of New Roads because he wasn't doing well enough there and she thought he'd do better at Paul Revere. Do better at the local public school where no one will expect anything of him or pay any attention to him and he'll probably wind up being a stoner like Beau's friend Steven? Umm, my guess is that he got expelled, or as Beau's school so nicely puts it, he wasn't invited back, and she's not telling him or anyone else this, because that's how she works. I know things about Greg and his adoption history that he doesn't even know. He skipped school so much this year with the fake migraine thing, and failed so many classes, that I'm pretty sure this must be what happened. I feel sorry for him, but not enough to want him hanging around Beau any more, not with a Mom like that -- someone who makes a promise one day and changes her mind the next, a Mom who can't take any responsibility for her own child, who is so strict that he has no choice but to act out, but who then can't even see what's going on in her own home. Man, and she's a child psychologist, it just blows my mind...

I saw a woman having the tummy tuck and breast reconstruction surgeries that I need to have on Dr. 90210 last night. It was so gross to watch, and scary. I've been putting this off not only because it's incredibly expensive, and I'm frightened and dreading it, but also because I want to be at the lowest weight possible before I have these surgeries. Just to stave off any questions about alternative options here, there is no amount of exercise that will tighten up all of this loose skin. It's either live with things the way they are, or have the surgeries, those are my options, and I'm going to go for the surgery.

I just can't stand looking like my formerly fat cat Baby Angel any longer. She looks so funny I thought of putting up a cat weight loss and plastic surgery site for her, but then I thought people might think I was serious and that I actually would get a stomach staple surgery for my cat. You should see her belly though, it just hangs and sways, it's so funny. Jake has one of these sway bellies as well.

Oh man I hate it when one of the cats jumps off the shelf that runs around the top of the walls in my room and lands directly on me. I never get used to this. I'll just see something hurtling towards me and then thwack I get hit with a cat.

Scott's birthday is coming up, June 9, and I'm buying presents and making plans. We were going to have a party, a kind of birthday/CD release/house warming, but he can't get the day off work, and he wants to put it off.

I have the cutest fluffy white kitten sitting on my chest right now...happiness : )

Well, that's about it from my exciting corner of the web.

Great big loving hugs from your journaling pal,

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