Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I Love Oprah!

"I'm fighting the potatoes, one day at a time. Really, and I will tell you, I've been so...you know...arrogant about it too, overconfident. I mean I've done every diet in America, and some out of the country -- also -- diets. But you know I've always been, "Well, like, this is it, this is it, this is it," and I remember when I did that Optifast and I pulled out the fat in the wagon, and I thought, well -- first of all I'd gone four months and I hadn't eaten so I thought, "This is really it!" But now I realize it's just a day at a time, and I only have control over it for as long as I'm willing to work at it. And some days I work harder than others, and when I've had more sleep I can work harder than when I haven't, but I have to do something every day. Otherwise it gets ya. And if I go two days and I don't work out then I start to feel more sluggish, and then it's easier to go the third day, and it's easier to eat PIE. And unlike alcohol there's always somebody who wants to feed you...food is love to a lot of people. And you insult people when you don't want to eat their stuff...and there's bread on every corner...it really...it's tough." -- Oprah

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