Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Help a Fellow Artist, Whack a Troll, Breakfast at Tiffany's Fashion Show Preview

I've posted this illustration once before; I love it so much I wish I could eat it.

Hi Everybody, I haven't had the energy or time to update but I will soon, I promise. I just wanted to put this up because my pal Jen, theolive here in LJ land, could use your kindness/support. Jenny is a gifted artist/illustrator, and a super successful one at that. She generously did this drawing of me that I have on my info page. She has a website where she has a few of her wonderful illustrations. She recently added a blog to her site with a comment feature. As luck would have it, the very first comment she received was from some asshole troll who came along and hurt her sensitive artist's heart by telling her that her illustrations suck, (umm, yeah, Dreamworks hires illustrators who suck to work on their multimillion dollar animated features). Will you take a look at her illustrations on her site and tell her what you think?

I swear if I knew who this was -- this person who has hurt my sweet, shy friend's feelings -- I would sick(sp?) my teenage, and not-so-teenage, hacker friends on him and mail bomb him back to the stone ages. I know it's not worth getting upset over, no one whose opinion means anything would do something like this, but I hate to see my friends get hurt, especially when the comment is something so totally and completely untrue and unfair.

Love you guys,
Your weary stressed out friend -- Jacqui

PS: If anyone has added me and I haven't added you back yet, or is waiting on a response to a comment from me, please let me know so I can take care of you. I am easily distracted and never mean to hurt anyone's feelings.

This is the drawing that Jen did of me. I wish I looked like this. I so treasure this fine piece of art!

PPS: Things are really moving fast on the fashion show project. I just had a meeting today with the super-nice gals from American Cinematheque, The Art Deco Society, The Los Angeles Conservancy, and ModCons, (I don't know how they spell that yet, but it sounds like a cool organization and more importantly the woman I met today had gorgeous hair and was groovy.) We're a go for the fashion show teaser before the screening of Breakfast at Tiffany's at The Egyptian on the twenty-ninth, now I just have to lose twenty pounds, find something vintage sixties cocktail to wear, and write up a little guide speech because I'll be introducing the dresses and talking about my Grandmother's and Mother's fashion design businesses. The fashion show itself will be on October 3 at The El Rey Theatre. I'll keep you all updated so you can buy tickets and come meet me if you want. Knock knock Mary are you out there? I told them that none of this would be happening if it hadn't been for you and they're saving a place for you in the fashion show. You need to call Margo or AnneMarie if you want to be one of their sexy models : ) again.

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