Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Checking In : )

Hello My Loves,

I stayed at Scott's last night. I'm so behind in my correspondence, journal reading/posting, and Happy Birthday Wishing. I miss you : ) I still haven't had a chance to update my friend's list. I know I've asked this before but if you've added me and want to be added back, please say hello again so I can come on over, visit, and add you back. If your journal is legitimate, you're kind, and you don't torture animals or bomb churches or mosques, I'll most likely add you back. Aside from my own unique and frankly limited powers of focus, I can be a good friend when prodded.

I never intend to overlook or short anyone here, seriously, I adore your friendships. I consider it an honor when someone takes the time to read my journal, or takes the extra step of adding me to their friend's list, and am always hoping to be a better pal, sometimes it just takes waving a red cape in front of my face -- to use a cruel and detested metaphor -- to get my attention. My life is that chaotic and I'm that distracted.

Sometimes it's all I can do to tie myself to this chair and make myself write an entry. I try to write back to everyone who writes a comment, (as long as they're posted on the latest entry) but I don't always pull this off and I swear it has nothing to do with my preference for the person. I'm always thrilled when I see any comments at all. I'll read through them, responding to each of them in my mind as I sit here, I may write back to the one's that seem to need an immediate response, (or that instantly remind me of something I need to say to the person posting), intending to write back to each and every one, but then I'll get pulled away by something or someone, and then before I know it, time has sped by, I've written another entry, and the last one gets buried. I'm sorry.

Right now I'm sitting here nervously waiting for these slow folks at www.sandiegoconcierge.com to get back to me with my hotel booking for the night. I have to be in San Diego in two hours and this is cutting it close, yikes. Beau's rock and roll band camp concert starts at 12:00 and I waited too long to book a hotel. I've been busy taking care of a sick rat who died last night, (sadness), doing homework for a friend that I shouldn't have been doing, (took up all of my day Thursday and part of yesterday, bleh), getting ready for this upcoming fashion preview show of my Mother's and Grandmother's dresses, Scott's CD release party, my Mom's eighty-ninth, (I think), birthday, moving my stuff out of storage because I can't afford the monthly rent, preparing for Burning Man, and getting Beau sorted out for his first year of high school. Now I have to zoom off to San Diego, I'll try to catch up with you from there. Cross your fingers for me that I can get on from the hotel and prey the keyboard away from my computer-addicted son -- oh like that's a surprise.

Big hugs from your busy pal,

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