Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mercury Retrograde?

What a weird day this is shaping up to be. Everyone around me seems to be in conflict.
Ana, (who works here with us Sunday through Thursday), and Esther, (who works Friday and Saturday and one or two floating days during the week), are fighting. To be fair Ana has major trouble communicating -- something just isn't right in her mind, and I've been putting off letting her go and replacing her with someone more appropriate for us for too long. Esther, on the other hand, has a lot going on in her life, has gained weight, has been with us forever, and isn't as motivated to clean and get things done around here as someone who hasn't had to put up with us for thirteen years. Anyway Ana is always jealous of Esther and picks fights with her. Esther is a little firebrand who can't handle conflict and when they argue things get heated and emotional, Esther always gets angry and explosive, and Ana who can be super mean in her own way, runs off crying. I'm always the peacemaker -- always have been, even when I was a teenager I was negotiating for all of the adults around me, trying to help one person see another's POV and vice versa. It's a gift and I'm happy to have it, but on the other hand, it can be tiring, and I so don't want to be doing this today.

Beau and his girlfriend Juliette are having troubles. Juliette thought that Beau was going to come visit her at her camp on the Venice beach on Monday. Neither Beau nor I knew anything about this, and we certainly hadn't cleared it with her parents. I imagine she waited for him all day, probably spent the day looking towards the bluff, hoping to see him coming any minute, and when he didn't show and it was time to leave she was really broken up about it. She called Beau to tell him off and then put her friend on the phone who proceeded to tell Beau what a jerk he was and how he didn't deserve someone as wonderful as Juliette. Beau, who didn't understand any of this, came in to my room in tears and was completely baffled. He never told her he'd meet her there and doesn't know where or when she got that idea. He would have loved to have gone to see her at the beach. Now they're fighting over the phone because a friend of Juliette's who Beau "went out with" for a little while, when Juliette dumped Beau and had another boyfriend, has been saying mean confusing things to Juliette about Beau. She told her that they were having phone sex, which is a complete lie, since they never even speak, and Juliette doesn't know who to believe. Can I tell you how happy I am to not be their age? I wouldn't want to go back in time and have to deal with this kind of young relationship drama for anything, yech.

My neighbor Caryn had been calling me all morning while I was sleeping and then came over to ask me to come over to her house because she was upset and wanted to show me something. I thought, "Oh God no, please don't let it be something I've done that will cost a lot of money to repair, the smell of cats or dogs, or some paint ball splatter from the kids." Turns out someone had been in her back yard last night. Someone came into her yard from my yard, (or went from her yard to mine, we're not sure), knocked over some of her planters, and moved a heavy iron garden bench about six feet and flipped it upside down. I knew she was thinking the boys, (Beau had his friend Jake over last night), might have had something to do with it, so I called home and asked them to come over so she could see their faces when she asked them about it. Everyone always wonders if it's the local naughty teenagers when something goes wrong, I suppose I would too if I lived next door to someone whose kid had once paint balled my back yard and lurched around in dark clothing. Anyway, Beau and Jake came over and were as puzzled as we were about the whole thing. How could someone get into her yard in the first place, and then why would they upend a bench and disappear without attempting to take anything? Weird. Although I did hear my dogs barking at around three this morning, so something went down.

I'm just praying/hoping/crossing my fingers that I don't get in a fight with anyone today. I always use the word fight when what I really mean to say is conflict or disagreement. It's not like I smack or get smacked, it's just the expression I've always used. Probably because my Mom always uses it, her favorite conflict escape tactic is to say, "You just want to fight with me! You LOVE to fight!" That's always hurt my feelings so, because it just isn't true. I would love nothing more than for everyone to be at peace and happy. I am such a hippie chicklet in this way, peace and love not war, group hugs all around. Hey, why do you think we go to Burning Man? It's certainly not for the sex and drugs, although I suppose I enjoy being a voyeur to some of that.

I'm not even going to call my Mom to check in on her today, or her secretary Tina, who I had wanted to call just to kind of bolster her self esteem, because I'm thinking that communications have gone super haywire today. Someone said it's Mercury retrograde -- that damned planet Mercury, always making trouble for us poor humans here on Earth.

Oooh gotta go take the boys to the movies. Talk to ya later.

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