Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

We're Just About to Leave and My Boyfriend Says I Can Have Sex There

Black Rock Desert Here We Come!

Hello My Dear Journal Friends,

I think this may be one of my last transmissions before we hit the road and head off on our annual pilgrimage. Although, knowing me, I won't get far without having to say/write something so maybe I'll find somewhere along the "asphalt highway" where I can get online before we hit the playa.

Here is something fun, Burning Man has a webcam mounted on top of their office in Gerlach. Gerlach is, or was, a sleepy little desert town that borders the beautiful and desolate Black Rock desert. If you're interested in Burning Man this might be fun to watch over the next few days as all of us come through.

Burning Man's Gerlach's Webcam

"Welcome to the Gerlach live webcam! What you're seeing is a live image, refreshing every 15 seconds, from a camera mounted atop the Burning Man office in downtown Gerlach, aiming north towards the playa. You can just see the water tower on the right edge of the frame, and that's Bruno's over on the left. And way out there down the middle is the playa."

Here's where we'll be, 5:30 and Ego, right next to the porta potties, which you can just make out -- prime real estate just a short walk away from center camp, woohoo!

Or, you can come back here to the satellite image and watch our city being built. If you click the little zoom arrows on the upper left hand side you can get in closer and then just hold down your mouse and drag the map around.

Oh God am I excited, I can't believe we'll actually be on our way by late tomorrow night. I had to keep pushing back our departure because there is just so much left to do. Just to give you an idea of how much there is to do for this trip; today I covered my bike with neon green plush fur and put a little purple jelly bell on it, put the black letters on our village mailbox, so it says Kidsville on one side (and 5:30 and Ego on the other) bought toys to hot glue to the top of it, bought washable poster paints to paint the RV with, and finger painted it with Beau, Andrea, and Eduardo, who got into a paint fight, got my hair dyed pink and purple, had my bangs cut and put it up in little rosettes with the ends sticking out and up all over my head, (It's actually a little too subtle for me so I'm going to have to come up with something wilder to do with it), took Esther for a mani/pedi, tried on all of my pouffy crinoline slip skirts and decided which ones to take and which to leave behind, went through my lacey panties and bras, helped Beau pack and do his laundry, talked with the vet about our bill and helped Anna take five cats in for shots, took all of the toys we're going to be giving out to the kids out of their cartons and consolidated them, (Oh, Tommy is having sex with Buggie -- they're both fixed -- it's just funny when I look up and realize they're going at it right next to me),
relocated all of the beer, (I'm not much of a drinker because I think I'm a wee bit allergic and my poor ravaged bladder can't handle it, but that doesn't stop me from making drinks for everyone else; having a blender, margarita mix, Patron Silver Tequila, cups, and ice, will make you friends for life on the hot dusty playa, well, that, water, beer, sunscreen, condoms, and sometimes chocolate), and water to the area under my bed because I needed to use the space where Esther had put them for all of our dry goods. I also put all of our glow sticks in our favorite little glow stick compartment, moved the gas containers to the forward storage compartment, talked to Caryn about the printer I was going to buy from her, (I wound up buying a better and more portable printer for only sixty-seven dollars at Best Buys which is about half of what I would have paid Caryn for the used one she is selling for a friend who couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted to sell it or not, sigh), protected Beau from spiders because they are all over the place lately and he's afraid of them, and did one of the biggest marketings any of the people at the market had ever seen, it took four people to bag all of our groceries and help us to the car.

Tomorrow I get to; cover the mailbox with toys, make tassels for my bike, bungie the milk crate to the back of it, get some black spray paint for Beau so he can paint his, and then we have to put the bikes on the back of the RV. I have to buy a large drink cooler to take to our nightly potluck dinners, find some goggles because I gave mine away last year, finish packing my clothes, makeup, and toiletries, supervise all of Beau's packing, make sure we have our tickets, cameras, batteries, CDs, and everything else on this enormous list of things I have to remember to bring, buy stamps and medications, go to the stationery store to get the business cards and laminated ID badge things that we use to make our Kidsville ID and trading cards, and have sex with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- just checking to see if you were still here ; ) There's so much more I have to do before we leave but I am suddenly so weary and don't have the energy to keep typing.

I'll take as many pictures as my body and my camera will allow and I promise to keep a journal and send out updates whenever I can.

I am so tired that yesterday when I saw these little hand made signs posted around town that said, "Bunny Charity Garage Sale," I wondered, "But why do the Playboy Bunnies need help?" before I realized that, duh, they meant bunnies as in rabbits, not naked size zero women with enormous breasts.

For everyone whose birthdays I may have missed, and will miss, I love you guys and I'll catch up with you when I get back.

My cats are farting, huh.

Big loving hugs from your pal,

PS: Scott said I could have sex with someone at Burning Man if I wanted to tonight, and then he told me that he didn't want me to, then he told me that he didn't care and that he was only saying that he didn't want me to have sex with someone else because that's what he thinks I want him to say, and then he changed his mind and told me not to have sex again. Is anyone else confused here? I think he's just saying this so that if he finds himself in a compromised exciting position he can act on it without having to feel guilty. "Well, I told you, you could have sex at Burning Man, so I thought it'd be okay for me to..." Ya know, I don't know what's wrong with him, if my girlfriend were complaining about how much she's going to miss me, and how lonely and horny she's going to be without me, the first thing I'd think is, "Awww, she loves me," then I'd panic. We're talking BURNING MAN here, people are eating each other out on their cars and you might just ride over people having sex on the playa if you aren't careful. The last thing I would say is, "Well, if you want to have sex with someone else, if it'll make you feel comfortable, then go ahead." I can't tell if he's the nicest, most open-minded man in the world, or just another guy who's just been pretending he believes in monogamy in order to keep me faithful while basically just wanting to Fuck everything that moves. Or maybe he doesn't care if either one of us just goes off and does whatever, maybe he doesn't even like me anymore. I know he was tired but he sure didn't act like it tonight, "La dee da my girlfriend's going away for two weeks, buh bye," he was so blase about it you'd think he was hoping I'd hurry up and leave already. Sad, lonely, sigh.

Is this the way it is for most men? Do any men want to be in monogamous relationships or do they just pretend to for our sakes? Do we even really think we'll be able to live the rest of our lives without ever making love with anyone else? Is it the sex that bothers us, or the STDs and assorted health risks, or the terror of having your partner fall in love with someone else and leave you? Sometimes I think he takes me a little too much for granted. I think he just gave me permission to screw whoever I want, well, okay then, I'm going to find some girls to kiss, because yes, I would like to try that, and then maybe I can find one hot guy to cuddle up with. Let's see what he says to this, damned man leaving me upset all night like this...

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