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Burning Man 2005 Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday Afternoon

There are five wireless networks functioning out here, but with a city of this size, the dust and all of the other interference, they aren't working too well, darn it. I just wanted to check in. I'll keep writing as promised because, well, because I love you damnit. Besides what else am I gonna do when I have to rest my weary sun baked body? I can't really rest though because every five or ten minutes there's a timid little knock, (or a really loud banging), on the door and one of our MANY kids is standing there asking me if they can have a ball. I tried to give them out to everyone, but with this many kids, you can't help but miss a few, and of course there are color swaps to be made, and popped balls to replace : ) Oh God I love the kids here.

A generous couple on a pedal bike-car with a canopy came through passing out candy necklaces -- you remember the ones we used to eat as kids? You're actually not supposed to feed the kids, lol, without checking with their parents, because of course they all have different diets and positions on things like sugar. They also had kid sized stilts they wanted to donate so I took them and gave them to my neighbors who were thrilled to have them. Lots of jokes about broken legs, they told me we could come and find them at some far off place to sue them if there's a problem, ha ha, but it happens here, quite a lot actually. Yesterday a child fell off some structure, broke his leg and they had to send in a Medivac helicopter that we actually saw as we were pulling in. They had a hard time finding a good spot to put down on.

It wouldn't be fun if despite all my best efforts I didn't end up forgetting something, and wouldn't you know I'd forget one of the most important things out here in this windy place where things just lift off the ground and skip away like tumbleweeds? Rebar, I forgot rebar, but I didn't forget rocks, and the rocks plus the carpet, coolers, chairs, table, and shade structure are enough to hold down our ground cover, for now. I'll have to find some rebar somewhere which shouldn't be a problem since people are so generous. Our neighbors to the West lent us a rubber mallet, our neighbors to the North west lent us pliers, and our neighbors to the South loaned us their ladder. Then of course we shower them with hugs and gifts in return. It's the best system in the world. There's bound to be something we have more of that someone has less of and we'll be on the lending end soon.

Earlier I saw a beautiful castle mounted on a truck or a van ride by my window, and then later an entire Arabian City block, or something like that. A skywriter made an image of the man in the sky and something really loud made enormous black puffs of smoke that would start low and tight and drift upwards and spread wide -- very cool.

Ack, here's someone at the door, be right back... Oh no!!! That was the little girl next door who I had told to come get me if she had any trouble. I'm so glad she came. Her brother was playing on the trampoline playing a game called Cling On where the kids would all grab on to one kid and cling on to him or her until they could pull him/her off the trampoline. He hit the metal bar and his knee snapped out sideways. He went down screaming. Jay was there with ice in a minute and then picked him up, and he's not small, and carried him all the way over here to our neighbors RV where we did what we could to make him comfortable and sooth him. I propped up his leg, got him a pillow, gave him some water and put on the air conditioning, then went to tell his sister to please come and check back on him every ten minutes or so. His parents had gone out so I kept checking on him until he was so bored and upset he couldn't stand it anymore so I brought him over here and Beau kept him busy with Playstation until they came back. He's much better now but it still hurts : (

We got another mail delivery earlier. Thank you Helen, AKA Born2Drum2002!!!! Thank you so so much! I didn't see the mail being delivered yesterday, Zaphod just handed it to me when we got here, but I was so thrilled when I saw the postman this afternoon riding up on his little bike, and it turned out to be for us. It's so exciting! They wear mail carrier uniforms with hats, just like they do in the outside world, only they're covered with playa schwag, gifts given to them by grateful people like me. The mailman, whose name I should not have forgotten, (because he told me and was kind enough to schlep all the way out here in the heat), was super nice and friendly. I gave him an energy drink and a light-up squishy ball and directed him to the mayor's tent so he could drop off a letter for him. We talked about his son who is doing really well in real estate; nice man, good Dad, and he looked way too young to have a twenty-something year old son.

As he rode off I heard all of these people yowling and barking and then someone ran after the mailman who had just ridden off, and it took me a minute to realize that he was playing a dog. It was so funny. You should have seen it, this guy barking and acting like a dog, biting at his tires, with the mailman trying to beat him off. (And...no, not in that way.) Turns out these guys are Dog Camp in Kidsville, they have dog ears, noses and tails, and the woman I spoke with said, "It's our main mission in life to harass the mail carriers."

Damn, it's the door again... Yep, more ball requests, "Ummm...can I have another one, and orange one, cause a naked kid sat on mine and it deflated." Poor little guy, he had a loud knock. I think he's special. If I open the door the kids swarm, I'd put them out in a basket but then I'm afraid certain little people would take extra and someone wouldn't get one. I already ran into a little girl who was crying because no one had given her one. I was on my way back from taking the mailman to the mayor when I saw her. I asked her what was wrong and pointing at another little girl she said, "She got a neckalus and a ball and I didn't get anything." So I said, "Well, you have come to the right place honey because I've got the balls." She looked happy for a minute and said, "But what about the necklace?" So I told her that the...oh man not again...be right back...

Okay, I have to be honest here, I did not come right back. I gave out more balls, then took some over to Julia and Jay so they'd be sure to get some before they run out. I visited with Savina, who has a Live Journal as well, and who I met last year and have been friends with ever since -- fifteen going on thirty, very cute, and into vampire love and "cute boys." Her Mom is with Flight to Mars and they're planning on taking the man hostage tonight. They have two large RVs and are going to block both entrances to the man and set up their own maze that you'll have to traverse in order to get into the official Burning Man maze. Apparently they were pissed off that "The Man" stole their whole maze idea since they've been running one for a few years. I swear this place is a trip. I also set up some more chairs, our picnic table, and visited a bit more with neighbors.

Beau has been EXTREMELY helpful and he just keeps getting better as he gets older. It's wonderful to see. He was a little grumpy earlier so I forced him to trade out his Propel for water for a little while, gave him two Advil, washed and hand popped grapes in his mouth, because the little monster won't eat fruit unless you force it on him. I did the same thing with strawberries our neighbors gave us earlier -- followed him around making him eat them one at a time until they were all gone. But after he started feeling better he helped me move everything around, put the tarps down, and then took over and assembled the big ten by twenty foot shade structure all by himself while I made veggie burgers for us. Of course we needed volunteers but I was too shy to ask and before we knew it two of the nicest gals came over and pitched in. Then while I was helping people with directions another man, who isn't even camping in Kidsville pitched right in and helped finish it off. Scott, honey, this is the best shade structure we have ever had, thank you so much for helping me get it! It's awesome! We also have solar landscape lighting this year and Beau set up all of them all by himself; amazing what a little water, food, love, and sunlight will do for a child-plant. He's gone off on the daily artery tour of all of the art on the playa. However this is a specially arranged tour for the kids and parents of Kidsville. They get to ride some sort of art bus with a tourguide. Again, I wish I could have gone but if I don't rest up there won't be much of a Burning Man for me this year.

I still haven't been out of our camp yet, but that's okay because I'm hurting and I've been busy unpacking, setting up, visiting, and helping out. We seem to be right in the one spot where everyone stops for directions and that's just perfect. Oh WoMAN I need to rest my back so I'd better stop writing for now...

Here's are the lyrics to the last bit of this song that was just playing, it had a pretty melody;

Catherine the great, it's been said
Needed large animals to be fulfilled in bed.
"Isn't life pretty?" Earnest Hemingway once said
and then he put a bullet through his head.
Salvador Dali's surreal paintings were God sent
I never knew he ate his own excrement.
Then there's Davinci for whom it required
Dressing in women's underwear to be inspired.
From the great romantics to the ancient Greeks
We're standing on the shoulders of freaks.
Truman Capote needless to say
Would be intoxicated twenty-four hours a day.
From the modern authors to the ancient Greeks
We're standing on the shoulders of freaks.
We're standing on the shoulders of freaks.

And now they're playing hardcore classical music followed by some uptempo poppy Reggae. I swear, this place... Oh no, please not Zamfir.

PS: Crappo, no time to rest, got to get dinner ready for tonight's potluck. I wonder what the Tibetan Buddhists would say about the way time flows here?

PPS: I love you Scotty! I miss you! XOXOX

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