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Burning Man 2005 Tuesday Evening

Tuesday Evening

Gotta get the papers
Gotta get that cash
Gotta get that stash
Gotta get that hash

Weather-wise today was perfect. Not a single dust storm, woohoo!!!

We've been hosting all of the Playstation playing kids here in the RV.

I'm listening to Disco Franny freestyle hour, with Annie Franny, and San Fran Disco. She's playing Bob Marley's Kinky Reggae.

There's a nice family camping behind us. I met them last year when their little baby was really little. I gave him a sippy cup and a little giraffe smushy toy thing I got from my neighbor back at home, Caryn. Their little boy Paris has been spending a lot of time with us. He is such a little doll and acts much older than eight. He has juvenile diabetes and has to have his blood checked constantly -- gets five or six shots of insulin every day -- so sad : (

Earlier today there were three little girls who came up to me and asked for directions to someone who was doing Mendi tattoos. I was trying to tell them where to go when I looked down and realized they were holding kittens. Kittens, on the playa! We have trouble keeping ourselves alive, animals don't know how to fend for themselves out here, they don't know how much water they have to drink and they can't take the playa dust, that's why it's verboten, big time verboten to bring them in. As you can imagine I freaked out, inwardly, and firmly guided these girls back to their RV. It was a little hard to communicate with them because they're from Finland and have heavy accents but I managed to get them to take the cats and me back to their parents who were very cool but a little too casual about the kittens for my taste.

They said they found them at a rest stop, (where I am sure they were much better off than they'll be out here), and that they heard mewing so they looked in a bush and discovered them. I wanted them to take the kittens to the rangers and turn them over but they wouldn't so I've been going back and forth, checking on them, giving them advice, and praying.

Our friend Savina has stopped by a few times. I give her water and let her use our restroom. I really like her. I never noticed that she has cool teeth -- pointy and vampire like and it kind of explains her love of vampirey things; neck biting, blood sucking, etc., Two of Savina's friends came by this evening and offered us these delicious little shortcakes filled with fresh cream and as they said, "Jam from Russia." I love how this kind of thing can happen here -- people just walk up to you and give you things. Someone dropped off a crate filled with markers and art supplies for the kids to use. If only life were like this outside of Burning Man, with people trying to make the world prettier, filled with art, hugging everyone they meet, and just trying to give you a good time and help you out. There are a few jerks here who don't get it, but they're the exception to the rule. For the most part it's just one great big hippie love fest.

I finally made it out of camp tonight. Beau and I got lit and went to Center Camp. We parked our bikes and went in. It was much the same as in previous years with performance spaces, lounge areas, the center space that everyone dances and spins poi balls in, and of course the tea and coffee. The lines were too long so I didn't wait for tea, although I would have liked to, Beau just didn't have the patience. Win some lose some. There was a funny guy with a bullhorn who came out with a cooler and some small cups, put them down on a table, got up on it and announced that they were trying something new to help, "Cut back on the crankiness..free coffee for the people at the back of the line." I laugh all day here and smile so much my jaw hurts.

We walked around center camp for a bit and ended up sitting inside a giant eyeball that had a a TV and a camera that transmitted video and audio to another station on the playa. The people on camera at the other end were waving to us and asking questions. They said they were at Freezing Man in Russia. They had animal puppets, a huge dildo, and an inflatable cock. They were so funny, made us laugh, asked us questions about Burning Man and America and told me that they needed more women like me in Russia. I said, "Tell me where Russia is and I'll come on over." They said, "Russia is about a hundred feet to your right." We looked but couldn't find them.

We went to the post office and got harassed by one of the postal workers who couldn't keep it up for long, eventually we won his mean ass over and he was giving us postcards and talking about Texas. He said it was hard to be belligerent without alcohol. After we hung out with him and goofed around for a while, we moved over to the next window, where a grouchy drunk woman had been looking out at the crowd shouting, "Last," as opposed to next. She was a pushover as well, (they're supposed to be mean and disgruntled, they used to strap machine guns to their backs, run around and threaten to "go postal" until Burning Man put a stop to that), and gave us two of the very hard to get and super coveted Black Rock City postage stamps. I ended up giving her my e-mail address because she might want to bring her daughter to Kidsville next year. Kidsville is getting way too big and eventually we are going to have to divvy it up into blocks or smaller groups or something. I don't know, it's just huge. It kind of blows my mind to think that when we first came here it was just a few of us camped in a circle around a fire, and it seemed big then.

Beau wanted to go by the Free Boutique to see if he could find something cool to add to his costume but they were closed so we just went around the rest of the circle looked for our friends Julian and Jackie but they aren't camped in the center circle this year, I guess.

I wanted to see the man, (from a distance -- too tired to ride out there), so we rode over to the opening in the center camp circle where you can see him, but before we got there, Beau made a hard right, jumped off his bike and ran towards and igloo. I turned around and followed him and it turned out to be our pals from the eyeball camera. When we got inside they welcomed us to Russia and invited us to sit on the couch with them. Everything was white and covered with fake white fur. We joined them in pretending to be from Russia and playing with the puppets. We were there for at least and hour and had a blast. They were so funny, and so were the people on the other end. There was one guy named Lyle who hung out on camera for the longest time. He had a smile that wouldn't quit. I made up all kinds of lies about our being exchange students living in the Ukraine for a semester while Russian students were taking our places at home. Some people believed us, others didn't, but the best people were the ones that did things to freak us out. One guy with a scary skeletal bone face painted on was so funny and weird, we were actually worried he would come over and find us. He'd get super close to the camera and make faces and widen his eyes. He did this whole thing with his mouth where he just kind of wiggled it around for a while. It was pretty trippy and weird. Then there were these two women with the strangest hats who came in and spoke in alien gibberish, beeps, clicks, and squeals, they went on forever and wouldn't quit. Then they came and found us and kept it up over on our end. There was also a lot of butt, boob, dick, and puss flashing. We spent a lot of time trying to get people to kiss by chanting, "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss," over and over. Then the guy next to me would kiss me to get the other people to do it too. He tried to go for the open mouth attack kiss with me each time but I just smooch kissed him. I did flash the people on the other end a couple of times though. Beau, of course, had a blast and didn't want to leave when I started to feel sick, and knew I'd better head back before it got worse. The dehydration thing comes on fast and scary out here.

I hope that's not a chicken coming out of your ass. This is a message from the Earth Guardians with a reminder that if it didn't come out of your body don't put it in the potty.

They have a little trick they like to play on the radio called Psych Out Far Out where they pretend to interview someone with a really amazing super cool camp and then they tell people how to get there. Of course it's really far away so you'd have to be crazy to try to go there only to end up realizing it was a joke. Ah anarchy, so much fun.

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